back to article Optus data breach prompts pincer movement of twin regulatory probes

Australian carrier Optus's recent data breach will be investigated by two regulators, the double trouble likely an indicator of the nation's displeasure at the incident – which saw almost ten million locals' personal data exposed online. One of the probes will be conducted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority ( …

  1. Bubba Von Braun

    Well once again corporate addiction to data comes and bites it on the A$$. There is no reason once the identity is validated to retain the information used.

    Start off by making the fines well above the cost of doing business. I have seen and worked on so many systems where historical customer data is held for far beyond the customers involvement,in some instances the excuse de juor its too hard to purge. Poor system design, built upon convenient /non-existent legislation creates these honey pots. Add to that better, cheaper faster (the clean up is someone else's problem) and you have the third of the country exposed. I do seriously doubt anything will change here as Govt is on the same data junkie bender big corps are.

    1. Cederic Silver badge

      Surely the ID validation is an ongoing matter. "Who is requesting use of this service" and "Who is using or has used this service".

      It's hard to investigate criminal activity unless you remember who the person you validated as the user is.

      Retention following account closure should be prevented. Retaining the full initial ID&V information should be prevented.

      Hmm. I may have just agreed with you.

      1. Bubba Von Braun

        By all means keep the name.. but details such as ID document numbers no.. Use to validate and then destroy.

        One major electrical chain here (JBHFI) insists on photocopies your id document (in my case a passport) when you do click an collect. In my case I cancelled the purchase and then purchased the same item over the counter without them recording any ID information!

        And yes I have been exposed by Optus and am still awaiting their advice on what documents have been exposed.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As a Johnny Foreigner in Australia who has been exposed, I'm waiting to find out what their plans are in terms of replacing passports for non-Australian citizens.

    I hope this incident changes the Govt mind on how much identity data companies need to collect but I doubt they will touch that part, much easier to blame the company for holding onto it.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

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