back to article Intel chips in on optical modem for DARPA's 'internet of satellites'

Intel has revealed more about its involvement in DARPA's project to build an "internet of satellites" in which the chipmaker will help develop the optical communications subsystem to enable links between satellites. The Space-Based Adaptive Communications Node (Space-BACN) program may sound like a pork barrel project, but it …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    Well, sometimes they manage to acronym properly ;)

  2. adam 40 Silver badge

    Sooo... if some hackers intercept it...

    Who is going to police the BACN? Will they be scratching around for.... PIGS IN SPAAAAACE!!!!

  3. John Sager

    An option against uplink jamming

    Apparently Iran is currently jamming the uplink on Farsi channels from outside Iran, so a laser link from a sat over the horizon would counter that.

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