back to article Structured data, unstructured data: It shouldn't matter, says Google

Google is promoting updates to its cloud-based data management portfolio with the ambition of bringing analysis of structured and unstructured data closer together. In its cloud-based data warehouse, BigQuery, the Chocolate Factory is announcing support for unstructured data which users can analyze with adjacent capabilities …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ah.....mining the slurp with advanced tools.......

    Quote: "... data vendors to .... innovate together with us..."

    Quote: "...The key here is that the architecture allows us to pick and choose..."

    This is Google we're talking about here.....the people who just want to slurp ALL the data they order to make money by selling it on!!

    And not only that, Joe Public has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what personal information has been slurped, and ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where that data has been sold on!

    One example: Google slurped 1.6 million UK citizen's medical records. GDPR required these 1.6 million peope to consent to the slurp. No one was asked for their personal consent either sought or actually obtained. Sounds illegal to me!!

    And now we hear that "structured and unstructured data" can be searched to suit Google "customer's business needs".....oh yeah, I really get that....more money for Google founded on (perhaps illegal) slurping. What's not to like....if you work for Google!!!


  2. Il'Geller

    Google now analyzes…

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