back to article Viasat and Inmarsat $7.3b tie-up delayed over competition concerns

Global satellite maker Viasat's proposed $7.3 billion purchase of rival Inmarsat is being held up because Britain's competition regulator is worried about the deal's impact on in-flight passenger Wi-Fi on planes. The two space broadband providers announced their intent to become one in November 2021, at the time operating 19 …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Priti Patel, an ex £1000/hr Viasat payee, no longer in cabinet and now they have a competition regulator problem?

  2. DS999 Silver badge

    So ask for a guarantee

    Make them commit to not raising prices for their in-flight services for next five years, which should be more than enough time for competition from new entrants to make that guarantee moot.

    1. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

      Re: So ask for a guarantee

      Further, after the 5 years, no price increases beyond the chained CPI rate of inflation from the US, or whatever similar EU or UK inflation rates are (whichever is lowest each year) until there are at least 4 other completely independent sattynet providers competing, each with at least 15 percent of market share, in operation for at least 2 years. Further, if the new company is sold the terms must apply to the new company. Further, if any of the other 4 companies start merger talks before the 2 years are up, they are considered 1 company as far as these terms apply, and there are no longer 4 companies competing. Lastly, if the terms are broken the C-suite goes to jail, goes DIRECTLY to jail, do not collect 200 bucks, rolling doubles makes no difference.

      Pipe dream, I know. They'll slip someone a couple of pounds and the merger's approved.

      If they're willing to accept these terms knowing there's no back door to get out of them after the merger, party on.

      1. DS999 Silver badge

        Re: So ask for a guarantee

        What difference does it make, in flight wifi is a luxury. It is the very definition of want not need. If it ends up costing more fewer people will get it.

        I think competition authorities should worry a lot more about pricing in things that are closer to needs to not wants, like in-home internet service, or cellular service.

  3. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge


    "We intend to work closely with the CMA to show that our transaction will benefit customers by improving efficiencies, lowering costs, and increasing IFC availability around the world—and to reach a satisfactory conclusion in Phase 2," he added."

    There's a huge difference between "lowering costs" and "lowering prices." One definitely does not mean the other, no matter how Marketing tries to imply they are one and the same.

  4. NeilPost Silver badge

    IFC - rip-off

    TBH… I can just wait a few hours, as an IFC fleecing is worse than a roaming one. Just cram your device with lots of off-line content goodies from BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Amazon PV, Netflix, Amazon Music, Disney+, HBO Max, Kindle … or listen to the obligatory screaming baby 2 seats back. etc.

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