back to article South Korea cancels passport of Terraform Lab's Do Kwon

South Korea issued a publicly available notice on Wednesday to wanted man and Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon, demanding he return his passport. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosure [PDF] said that officials were unable to serve the notice to Kwon so had confirmed on its website that it was invalidating his passport and …

  1. VoiceOfTruth

    He then insinuated that the Korean government is corrupt.

    Er, yes.

    Former president Park Geun-hye - pardoned from a 22 year sentence for vast corruption.

    Samsung's Lee Jae-yong - pardoned for the same thing as above.

    And if you want to read a general story of corruption in South Korea I recommend reading up on the sinking of the Sewol ferry. The South Korean government lied and lied and lied.

    Then there are the chaebols. Another subject worthy of a few minutes reading. Too big to fail. Hello Samsung.

    On the face of it South Korea is a functioning modern democracy. That is the face. Look a bit closer and it is rotten.

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