back to article BT will back down in face of non-stop protests, says union

BT strikers protesting over pay should take note that the British government was forced to climbdown on its proposed tax cut for the richest in society, and the national telecom operator will inevitably bow to continued protests too. This is the claim from the Communications Workers Union, which has been trying to drum up as …

  1. wolfetone Silver badge

    "we are profoundly disappointed that the CWU is prepared to take this reckless course of action by including 999 services in strikes."

    Not as disappointed as the workers are when they can't make ends meet and have to use food banks, yet their bosses can buy themselves a new Tesla.

    Solidarity with those on strike.

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      Let's see how the strikes play out.

      My prediction is:

      More pressure to spin off Openreach. It's the only good bit of BT and there's been pressure for it to be independent for a while. Conservatives would be happy to see it split. Labour even more happy to nationalise it.

      Without Openreach, the rest of BT has to compete properly in an open market. They'll soon be gone.

      Dinosaurs have plenty of punch, but they all die out in the end.

      1. DJO Silver badge

        ...Dinosaurs have plenty of punch, but they all die out in the end.

        Bad analogy, dinosaurs did not die out, the megasaurs were wiped out but small agile dinosaurs are still with us today and are dominant when it comes to flying critters and Sunday lunch.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Not so.

        For a long time the BT Consumer side has been propping up BT's results not Openreach. Specifically the EE brand.

        As for BT being gone in an open market... Fine.

        Let's see how that open market works for improvements to speeds/services/tech...*looks at North American telecoms* yeah..........

        1. Tom 7

          Re: Not so.

          TBF EE is going to shit now BT seem to have got in to their computer support.

  2. Danny 2


    The lack of 999 operators will be negated by the lack of nurses when they strike. The lack of social care workers (now earning more in Aldi and Lidls) is already causing a 'bed blockage' meaning you now die in a queue of ambulances outside A&E.

    I'm overdue a heart attack so wish for a pre-emptive stent or four. Failing that, does anyone have a good design for a DIY self-deployed defibrillator?

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: DIY NHS

      I hope you've planned for having a heart attack during a blackout.

      1. Vestas

        Re: DIY NHS

        Defibrillators actually work from a battery, not mains but nice try ;)

        Having said that here's a special mention for Morrisons in Loughborough who have had a non-functional defib due to a "global battery shortage" for 6 months+ now. They have put up a message that the nearest one is in a school (open 5 days a week and not accessible to the general public) miles away which I'm sure is a great help to anyone requiring a quick zap...

        Clearly the yank asset stripping scum (sorry "hedge fund") who bought them have prioritised their asset stripping accordingly - along with demanding "cash contributions to the business" from "managers" earning less than the living wage.

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