1. Dave559 Silver badge

    Ohno, flatso

    Ugh, I see that The Reg's stylesheet crayon-wielder [sic: no offence intended] has recently changed the UI buttons in the forums to that horrible ugly flat design look.

    Please, please, cease, desist, and revert to something more tasteful and elegant again; otherwise, as well as myself and all of the other readers with any sense of aesthetics, you'll surely find yourselves buried under a barrage of (rightfully) BOMBASTIC rants from you-know-who… ;-P

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Ohno, flatso

      It really is quite ugly, isn't it? Looks like placeholders to me ... Hopefully they are still working on what will become the new reality.

  2. ThatOne Silver badge

    I guess the next step is a dark gray background color. You know, the hip cool Windows 11 look, the pinnacle of 21st century graphical design...

    It's amazing, when I boot Windows 11 after having worked in Linux, I always get that "Ew, that looks really cheap and amateurish!" reaction. Although I have to admit my flavor of Linux is starting to try recreate that monochrome "Windows 3.0 on on a HD screen" look too.

  3. J. Cook Silver badge

    At least it's not grey text in a grey bordered box with a light grey background so that the contrast differential gives you a migraine after 30 seconds and/or looks like a disabled control? *glares at several very very expensive products that made that UI choice*

    @ThatOne: It's the "Hot Dog" color scheme or nothing on some machines- I want to have my eyes melt out my skull if I'm working on a critical piece of infrastructure, because I want people to know that screwing around with it is a BAD AND TERRIBLE IDEA. :D :D :D

  4. Dave559 Silver badge

    Spews of hideous colours

    Something that sadly also seems to be accompanying the flatso undesign fad are various sites changing their colour palettes for absolutely garish eye-searing and unattractive colours in a really quite vomit-inducing way (for example, the London Stock Exchange, whom you would expect to always remain tasteful, professional and understated). Just what sort of toxins has someone been putting in so-called designers' morning coffee?

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