back to article Atlassian smartens up security, licensing admin tools

Atlassian is plugging away at its version of the future of work with an eye on the needs of the admins who tend its software. The biz's thesis is that the world rushed to whatever would make remote work possible during the pandemic and is now stuck with a sub-optimal mix of tools, some of which were built for occasional …

  1. teebie


    That really cheap, compared to the amount of time I waste per month waiting for JIRA and Confluence pages to load.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So if they have supposedly cleaned up licensing and admin, why the hell are we still being forced to pay licensing fees for FREE Trello users (who we can't manage!) simply because they are using Atlassian access (which we require for Jira)???

    Feels like a complete scam.

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