back to article Microsoft China turns 30, gives nation the gift of jobs and export promotion

Microsoft has celebrated the 30th anniversary of its operations in China with promises to hire more locals and encourage exports. Festivities kicked off with news the company plans to hire 1,000 more workers in China. Those hires will take local headcount past 10,000. More importantly, they signal that Microsoft sees plenty of …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Microsoft sees plenty of growth in China"

    There has been plenty of growth in China.

    Especially with all those pirated CD copies sold for mere pennnies.

  2. SineWave242

    That's 29 years too much. :)

  3. SineWave242

    That's 30 years too much. :)

  4. crayon

    "The Register cannot imagine a Chinese SaaS company escaping controversy if it expands to global markets – even if Microsoft vouches for it."

    Like with Huawei, the only real controversy will be the underhanded methods the US will employ to take down a competitor.

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