back to article China's infosec researchers obeyed Beijing and stopped reporting vulns ... or did they?

The number of vulnerability reports provided by Chinese information security researchers has fallen sharply, according to research by think tank The Atlantic Council, which also found a strangely commensurate increase in bug reports from unknown sources. The Council explored the state of Chinese infosec research in the context …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge
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    "a strangely commensurate increase in bug reports from unknown sources"

    So there are some people who are still capable of working for the greater good.

    Good on them.

  2. The Man Who Fell To Earth Silver badge
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    Not that it would really help...

    But it would seem getting the UN to come up with some disclosure rules for countries would at least give everyone a straw man to point to and say "Not reporting discovered vulnerabilities is a violation of UN..."

  3. Robert Helpmann??

    The Council's team therefore set out to determine whether China's requirements to stem sharing of vulnerability reports is harming the global community.

    It seems that would be a given and they should be looking to simply quantify the degree to which it does.

    1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      It's not entirely obvious. For instance, you could believe that Chinese computer security staff are poorly educated idiots who have nothing useful to contribute anyway. But since there are some rather good hackers in that part of the world, that counts against the idea. Of course, being hackers, they wouldn't do the good thing, either.

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