back to article Oracle verifies Java licensing tools from Flexera and Lime Software

Oracle has begun to verify software tools from third-party vendors designed to monitor the licensing of Java products in enterprise environments, prompting a warning from one expert. In March, the omnipresent software giant began to include Java tools in its software licensing audits, often feared by users who can get caught …

  1. trevorde Silver badge

    Oracle has killed the golden goose

    Why would anyone want to do anything java related now?

    1. Androgynous Cupboard Silver badge

      Re: Oracle has killed the golden goose

      Not quite - the question should be why would anyone use the Oracle JDK rather than OpenJDK? As far as I can tell using their commercial version is all downside, no upside.

      1. Anonymous Crowbar

        Re: Oracle has killed the golden goose

        We actually moved to Corretto in the end.

        When oracle came and told us they were going to charge us for all our Java, we decided to move _everything_ away from oracle. Every java and other oracle software [there was a lot] is gone. We are down to under a hundred DB cores, and this was many multiples of this. Our Oracle licensing cost was multiple millions /mo.

        Now they cant believe that we have dumped 98% of our bill. When they came to try to sell us OCI they were told get in the f***ing sea.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sun to blackhole, soooo far down that hole.

    It's still very strange to see just how far down the scum drain Java has gone.

    I remember the late 90's to first couple years of the 2000's when Java was _THE_ thing to know. A 6 week course could yield a $90,000 pay check in California (for a short while, Colorado too). Long gone are those days but, the thing that was making Java so hot in those earlier years has long been extinguished by Oracle themselves.

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