back to article Oracle extends share options plans, no bumper payday for execs... yet

Not all execs are created equal and those of the Oracle variety remain among the highest paid due to an extension to performance-based stock options that gives them more time to achieve corporate goals. Founder, chairman and CTO Larry Ellison was awarded $138.6 million in the year ended 31 May 2022, and CEO Safra Catz was …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Effing Dumb

    130 million??? Divide that by Oracle staff would give them just under $1,000 a person. They are the ones doing the real work.

    1. Derezed

      Re: Effing Dumb

      Not true. All non executive staff are costs to be slashed constantly and told they could be offshored in the blink of an eye. The only asset a business really has is their C-Suite...what go getting fucking geniuses they all are.

    2. Cederic Silver badge

      Re: Effing Dumb

      Probably more relevant, it's 4c/share dividend (after corporation tax) that the shareholders are missing out on, after their shareholding failed to benefit from the value the original targets were set to create.

      Deliver shareholder value, get a bonus.

      Don't deliver shareholder value, the shareholders get what would've been your bonus.

      That's what's been broken here, which I suspect will be why so few shareholders agreed to it.

  2. Big Softie


    Effectively putting taxpayers' contributions into selected individuals' pockets...

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