back to article Afghanistan’s Taliban government bans TikTok

Afghanistan’s Taliban government has banned made-in-China social network TikTok and first-person shooter PUBG. The bans were announced with a Facebook post from the Afghan Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. According to the BBC, Afghanistan’s government mooted a ban on the two apps in April 2022, after …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Ironically, US Senator Marco Rubio"

    The only difference from those Republicans and Talibans is just the length of their beards. It's also quite ironic they used Facebook to announce the ban of TikTok. Still, they fear the content - as long as they cannot fully control then -, not the the tracking. Probably China will be happy to give Talibans any tracking data they need about Afghans in return for something.

    1. DrSunshine0104

      Re: "Ironically, US Senator Marco Rubio"

      But it is okay for Rubio because he believes in the correct god.

    2. bogomips

      Re: "Ironically, US Senator Marco Rubio"

      Excuse me sir, but that is a TWEET, about their Facebook post, about banning Tiktok...

      The turducken of terrible?

  2. wolfetone Silver badge

    I wish more governments would ban TikTok.

    And Facebook.

    And Twitter.

    And Reddit.

    Basically anything that can cause an argument in an empty room that isn't El Reg.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Tubz Silver badge

    So the Talitubbies ban first-person shooter PUBG, yeh why do it virtually, when you can go outside and get the buzz from doing it for real, just remember the drones fire back !

  5. Plest Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    A good start...

    TikTok is a cancer, spreading negativity and tipping already depressed people over the edge. Nasty little peice of mobile malware that needs to be stopped. My daughter used it for 18 months among other social media outlets, she ended up on pills and in therapy, it was only when she voluntarily started to delete TIkTok and other apps off her phone she got off the happy pills and got on with life.

    Can't say I have any support for the Taliban but certainly support his move, can they also ban FaceSlap, Twatter and InstaCrap, all full of negative crud and aspiritional BS that is driving our young people to early graves.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: A good start...

      Best example of how daft things have got is to watch the Royal Funeral(tm) as it passes up the Long Drive to Windsor. The route is lined with thousands of people all with their right arms held up at 45 degrees.

      Now, I know that they're all holding mobile phones to take pics / video / livestream / influence sheep, but from a distance it looks a lot like a Nuremberg rally.

      Instagram. Making the Nazis acceptable again.

  6. ChoHag Silver badge

    Red team? Blue team? Do I agree with this?

    I'm confused. Weren't we all for the signage when I suggested the other day that perhaps it was an Americanism too far? Without a plastering his team colours all over this Rubio's name, how am I supposed to know whether I support censorship or hate it?

    I need to know what my opinion is!

  7. Velv

    "We're banning violent social media and games. And if we catch you using them we'll beat you up"

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