back to article Microsoft low code branches into lightweight GUI widgets

Microsoft has pledged to make building new features into Teams, Outlook, and other common apps easier with the introduction of low code development for Cards. The Redmond software giant currently offers Adaptive Cards, a framework for putting snippets of UI into popular apps. By putting Cards in low code environment Power …

  1. Filippo Silver badge

    Does anyone have stories of "citizen developers" making something that's actually used in a real-world case, with these no-code tools? Honestly interested.

    1. xyz Silver badge

      Low code not no code... Still plenty of room in there for them departmental cobblistas to macro up. I'm thinking everyone on Teams with whiskers at the touch of a button. And think of the malware opportunities.

  2. iron Silver badge

    Great, more crap from IT and HR that will appear in Teams and Outlook to distract me from writing real code that makes the company money.

  3. badflorist Silver badge

    "write JSON" ?

    But if you want to customize it, you must know how to write JSON and so forth.

    In the very literal sense of "write" maybe, but most humans would say format JSON.

    The "so forth" part should be highlighted because you know it's going to be some confusing hierarchy of object nodes that are circular... the Microsoft way.

  4. StrangerHereMyself Silver badge


    It's simply hilarious how often these low-code no-code solutions change names and paradigms. First we had Visual Basic, then Visual Studio LightSwitch, then Power Apps and now Cards?!

    As a developer I'm not worried. I've heard these promises for almost 40 years now and none of them have come to replace developers.

  5. redwine

    Win 11 vertical taskbar

    Maybe with these amazing new tools, their dev guys will find the ability to create a vertical taskbar for Win11 ... Here's hoping!

    vert_task_bar &>/dev/null && win11 || win10

  6. ComputerSays_noAbsolutelyNo Silver badge

    My experience with micros~1 finest products is the sudden feeling of losing the will to live.

    I have no idea what drives their designs, but that design-philosophy and me are very much incompatible

    -> There has to be some Linux still left somewhere

  7. Abominator

    Great. Now lets build an ambulance call out system in this new wonder.

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