back to article Sun's magnetic mystery solved by ESA NASA Solar Orbiter

Our star harbors one less scientific mystery thanks to data from the Solar Orbiter probe showing how "solar switchbacks" that cause the Sun's magnetic field to flip are formed. By furthering astronomer's understanding of solar winds, they hope the discovery will protect astronauts and equipment. Solar switchbacks were first …

  1. lglethal Silver badge

    Pint for the Scientists

    Good work those Boffins.

    The more we can learn about the big old ball of Plasma sitting in the centre of our solar system, the better for everyone.

  2. Cuddles


    "The resultant collision forms an "S" shape wave in the Sun's magnetic field that emanates from the Sun out into the solar system."

    Looks more like a giraffe to me. I guess they've upgraded from the standard spherical cows.

  3. Sleep deprived

    just 0.29 times of that between the Earth and Sun

    So the orbiter will fly over the Sun at a tad under Mercury's closest distance to our star ((0.30AU). Closer would be too close?

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