back to article Google fined $4b after Euro court snips 5% off earlier price

The European General Court has imposed a €4.125 billion (about $4.13 billion) fine on Google, largely upholding an earlier ruling on the ad-tech giant's anticompetitive practices in mobile search. The court confirmed [PDF] the European Commission's decision that Google foisted unlawful restrictions on manufacturers of devices …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    As this is an EU court win, one presumes the UK's cut of the proceeds is 0%.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Possibly. It's been rumbling on for years though, so maybe a small share will be doled out if the UK had some involvement in the gathering of useful evidence while sill in the EU. At best, it might be a tiny reduction in the ongoing monies still being paid to the EU for various schemes we were involved in, especially the pensions.

    2. Lars Silver badge

      Yes but then again Britain is not now taking part in the EU budget either.

      1. Cederic Silver badge

        Sadly that's not strictly true. It'll be a few years yet before the UK stops handing cash to the EU.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Good on them

    Still, while it's more than a slap on the wrist, it's no more than a paddle on the buttocks - still less than 2% of their annual revenue.

    1. Alumoi Silver badge

      Re: Good on them

      Wake me up when the money will be collected. And hurry up, I'm already 52.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Got the message yet Google?

    Now take your toys and go home. I'm sure that No 45 will welcome your renewed contribution to his losing campaign.

    Google is an enemy of the people of the world.

    1. DS999 Silver badge

      Re: Got the message yet Google?

      I'm no fan of Google (I try to use it as little as possible, and have an iPhone, Firefox on my Linux PC, and use DDG as my default search) but saying they are an enemy to the world is more than a little hyperbolic.

      If Google was erased tomorrow, what would its replacement be? Is everyone supposed to use an iPhone? OK that's not necessary, phones can be made using Google-free Android, but who is going to take over the significant expense of developing Android? Might it be some company who is only willing to shoulder that expense knowing they can leverage Android to make a profit - perhaps from advertising?

      Who is going to fill the sizeable vacuum left behind when Google Search and Youtube go poof? Probably another company or companies that see providing those services as a way to make money, though hopefully DDG would claim a bigger search share than today. Maybe Bing finally has its day in the sun, and no one is any better off.

      Who is going to update all those Chrome browsers that will have security holes continue to be discovered with no one to fix them? I'd love for Firefox to fill that vacuum but in reality almost all the Windows PCs will end up using Edge and Microsoft will take over development of Chromium. You really think we'll be any better off than last time Microsoft had a browser monopoly?

      1. Lars Silver badge

        Re: Got the message yet Google?

        Don't worry they won't go bust but lets hope they might learn something from it.

      2. Snake Silver badge

        Re: Is everyone supposed to use an iPhone?

        I'll go to a dumb bar phone before I use one of those horrible monstrosities. The iPhone UI is written for children and I for one won't put up with it, sorry.

  4. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    More, please

    Android has been turning into a sloppy iOS clone in the worst possible way. MicroSD cards are crippled, privacy controls still don't apply to Google, and just adjusting the brightness makes it look like you're trying to claw through your phone's screen. The world needs a fork.

    It's hard to envision what $4 billion means to Google. That's god-like money. It was more helpful when The Register used a time unit of revenue to describe megacorp penalty fines, like "Google fined 5.6 days of revenue."

    1. iron Silver badge

      Re: More, please

      > adjusting the brightness makes it look like you're trying to claw through your phone's screen

      Swipe down the notifications panel and tap what you want the brightness set to. In what way are you finding that difficult?

      At least Android phones have a power button. I recently recieved an iPhone for work and had to Google how to turn it off. I, a developer, an electrical engineer and a user of IT products for over 40 years had to Google HOW TO TURN IT OFF! Now THAT is garbage UI.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: More, please

        Now why would you want to turn it off? Aren't you afraid you won't be tracked 24/7? What if you miss that important notification?

      2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

        Re: More, please

        You're probably not on stock Android if anything after Android 9 works well. The brightness was moved to a second level quick actions menu. That's two one-fingered swipes down or one two fingered swipe down from the top. Neither one is very reliable because what seems to be a power saving trick with the touch screen sampling.

        1. Snake Silver badge

          Re: stock Android works well

          This. He's equating the horrible, bloated Samsung UI to stock Android, and then comparing that to the Fisher-Price Speak and Spell UI of an iPhone.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: More, please

        "I, a developer, an electrical engineer and a user of IT products for over 40 years had to Google HOW TO TURN IT OFF! Now THAT is garbage UI."

        I would have thought that someone with your background would have figured it out. Like maybe, most of the rest of the worlds population that use an iPhone?

        It's rather obvious I would have thought. Press 2 buttons to turn it of and then use the slider. Much better than a long press on the power button that my shitty Nokia 7.2 uses which more than once has managed to turn itself off when in my pocket.

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