back to article Supply chain normality returns for PCs but not servers, says Dell

The supply chain for personal computers is back to normal after 30 months of plague-induced disruption – there is nothing more to worry heads of procurement teams at big corporate buyers. Or rather this is the view of Dell, the logistics expert that got big fast by building desktops and notebooks to order, and selling them …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You can have all the desktops that nobody wants

    And of course they are pinning their hopes on desktop sales as corporate america is off sharpeing the axes in the hope of killing the leverage their employees have been wielding. The leverage to ask for a salary that will leave them enough after rent, medicine, and food to buy a desktop computer.

    Probably some great deals this spring if you still have a job though.

  2. Ashto5

    Gaming Machines

    The only real market left

    The laptops need no more power so it will be hard to keep demanding more money, all the main services are cloud and browser based, they total rely on your band width.

    Personally give me a phone that will run Vscode and connect to a decent monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.

    1. 43300 Bronze badge

      Re: Gaming Machines

      And a few other things - GIS work, some graphic design.

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