back to article Switch and router sales surge, with 200/400 gigabit Ethernet kit growing fastest

Major networking vendors continue to report supply chain challenges, but the market for their switches and routers is growing at quite a clip according to analyst outfit IDC. The company's Worldwide Quarterly Ethernet Switch Tracker and Worldwide Quarterly Router Tracker both report robust growth during the second quarter of …

  1. Flak

    A glitch in the matrix

    "Revenues in the non-datacenter segment of the Ethernet switch market – which includes Ethernet switch deployments in the enterprise campus and branch – grew 5.8 percent year over year, while port shipments decreased 0.4 percent year over year. The other segment IDC measures – enterprise campus and branches – grew revenue just 5.8 percent year over year and saw port shipments decrease by 0.4 percent."

    1. Sam Crawley

      Re: A glitch in the matrix

      I struggle to see how this growth can be possible when it's so hard to source any kit!

      1. Screepy

        Re: A glitch in the matrix

        Agreed @Sam

        We moved from Cisco to Aruba during our last infrastructure refresh. We finally got our core switches replaced some 8 months after ordering. We're still waiting on our 40 edge switches, 10 months and counting..

      2. Michael Duke

        Re: A glitch in the matrix

        There are two factors driving this.

        1. Everyone has put prices up 10-20%.

        2. What silicon is available is being put into higher price models and the cheap stuff is just not able to be ordered.

        This leads to increased revenue even with long lead times.

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