back to article Microsoft offers SQL Server 2022 release candidate to Linux world

Just weeks after rolling out SQL Server 2022 Release Candidate 0 for Windows, Microsoft is following with a release candidate for Linux systems. Specifically, Redmond this week said that SQL Server 2022 RC 0 is now available for systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Ubuntu operating systems. Microsoft debuted its …

  1. tracker1

    Glad to see it

    Not sure that I'd push for any new projects using Microsoft SQL Server over PostgreSQL, But having sequel available on Linux is really helpful especially in containerized scenarios (docker) for testing and local development.

    Especially considering a lot of windows service/web projects developed in the last 5 to 10 years can easily be migrated, or just recompiled to a Linux host environment.

    TIP: When migrating, convert all dates to transmit and store as UTC unless paired with a location. Convert to and from local at the client. Configure servers to operate as UTC/GMT

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Glad to see it

      Good, you can keep it.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Glad to see it

      From our POV SQL Server seems some way ahead of the likes of MySQL so our projects tend to go on SQL Server.

      I found "It is not as inventive or advanced as other modern … popular databases, but it has undergone considerable improvements and overhauls over the years," quite funny really as it seems to me that SQL Server is in many ways more advanced than the likes of MySQL, Postgress being a bit nearer. ..... plus note the use of the word "modern" and "inventive" without giving any examples so basically this is just childish name calling.

    3. chasil

      Hope to see ISO compliance

      Microsoft's lack of an implementation of the SQL/PSM standard is a real problem where I work. We have hundreds of thousands of lines of PL/SQL, and Db2 is a better porting candidate than all the SQL Servers that we run.

      Microsoft, please implement the whole of SQL/PSM.

      I also wish that my own management would start using SQL Server on Linux. It's faster, and the patching is far easier. Microsoft themselves publish leading TPC-H scores on Linux, with Windows a distant second (Exasol towers above both).

  2. chololennon

    Multi-platform code base?

    It'd be nice to know if MS has a truly multi-platform code base or if they are compiling their Windows SQL Sever source code with the help of Wine :-P

    1. Lusty

      Re: Multi-platform code base?

      This was well covered when first released. No Wine needed as most of the code was agnostic in the first place so there was very little effort needed to port SQL.

    2. TKW

      Re: Multi-platform code base?

      IIRC there's always been a platform abstraction layer, dating back to when the SQL team couldn't rely on the Windows team to deliver a performant scheduler, and memory management. "How times have changed".

      1. LateAgain

        Re: Multi-platform code base?

        Is that why it eats up all free memory?

    3. chasil


      Microsoft SQL Server was forked from Sybase 4.8, which was already multiplatform on all the commercial UNIXen of the time.

      I understand that there is a "shim" layer for kernel services translation, but SQL Server is faster on Linux than it is on Windows.

      In a way, it has finally come home.


    Am I missing something?

    They're calling Oracle and MySQL as if they're both different entities.

    I thought it was supposed to be Oracle and MariaDB.

    1. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: Am I missing something?

      ISAM and InnoDB whatever you call their wrapper are not blood relations of Oracle RDBMS.

  4. phands

    I can scarcely contain my indifference. Anything m$ is so last century. Windows is toxic waste.

    There are so many better alternatives now. And graph databases like neo4j are so much better.

  5. phands

    Friends don't let friends use Windows. Or any m$ products.

  6. deadlockvictim

    2 great products

    Microsoft make two great products: Excel & SQL Server.

    There are several problems with them:

    One is that with both of them Microsoft is pushing you to use the cloudy version of both, which is not in yozr interest but very much in Microsoft's interest. You can still get on-premises versions of both, but their days seem to be numbered.

    The second is that the environment around them is absolutely awful: Windows as an OS? Preferably not. Visual Studio, Entity Framework & Code First? No thank you.

    The latter simply encourages the building of databases with absolutely awful performance by devs who neither want to know nor know any better.

    Ease of development is inversely proportional to bad performance.

    Still, at least SQL Server 2022 stays licensed and supported until 2030. This gives time to get my PostgreSQL up to scratch.

    I don't expect an on-premises SQL Server v17.

  7. gerryg

    Follow the money, as usual

    I don't think it merits a PhD to suggest that closed source software is about controlling the revenue stream achieved by control in general.

    If any of the above gives you cause for concern that's why open source started and continues to provide an alternative approach based on freedom from control.

    The choice of software follows from what concerns you most. I never choose closed source software.

  8. trevorde Silver badge

    Open source is not a business model

    Amazon would just offer it as a service without contributing anything.

    Open source is a way to develop software. Don't confuse it with how to make money.

  9. Craig100

    If it ran on Linux LTS's it would be an improvement

    Since SQL Server for Linux came out I managed to switch my Umbraco development to my main Linux Mint desktop, which was great. However, upgrading to latest Mint LTS (21.0 - based on Ubuntu 22.04) it's all gone to rats as MS are WAY behind keeping their offering up to date. You can't install SQL Server 2019 for Linux on Ubuntu 22.04, only on 20.4! This is SOooo frustrating. I mean they'll have had industry knowledge of the LTS as they come out like clockwork. It's been out now for 8 months and they're still stuck on a version over 2½ years old. Wish Umbraco would finally make it possible to use a native Linux DB. Don't care which, just one that's kept up to date and pref not M$.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Our projects typically use SQL Server since, in our opinion, it is significantly more advanced than alternatives like MySQL.

    It is not as inventive or advanced as other modern.

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