back to article China orders tech companies to 'improve traceability' of users to control 'rumours and false information'

China will conduct a three month blitz to cleanse the local internet of "rumors and false information". The nation's Cyberspace Administration last Friday announced the plan, which calls for local tech companies to improve their ability to identify the source of rumors and fake news, then punish account-holders who share it …

  1. StargateSg7


    " .... Alibaba claims 'World's biggest datacenter' crown from Google

    Chinese media reports that Alibaba Cloud has opened what it claims is the world’s most powerful data center.

    The “Zhangbei intelligent computing center” will reportedly run AI workloads.

    Alibaba Cloud has rated the facility at 12 Exaflops (12 quintillion floating-point operations per second), and claims it surpasses the nine exaflop cluster Google announced in May 2022. ...."


    NCA's (North Canadian Aerospace - a pseudonym) northern British Columbia, Canada data centre is currently at 20 Million Square Feet inside of a very large and super-remote mountain powered by a massive methanol-based Proton-Exchange-Membrane (PEM) fuel cell setup. It takes TWO HOURS to drive in good weather using 4x4 off-road vehicles to the site it is so remotely located.

    We have four massive GaAs-based supercomputers running 60 GHz and TeraHertz-scale combined-CPU/GPU/DSP/Vector Array processors in that datacenter which FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR OUTCLASS ANYTHING IN THE WORLD:

    ThunderHorse (One YottaFLOP at 128-bits wide - 60 GHz GaAs with Inert Gas Supercooling)

    DragonSlayer (One YottaFLOP at 128-bits wide - 60 GHz GaAs with Inert Gas Supercooling)

    FyreScreamer (Five YottaFLOPS at 128-bits wide - Stacked Layer Cube - 2 THz GaAs on Borosilicate with Silicone Oil Immersion)

    Quasar's Child (10 YottaFLOPS at 128-bits wide upgrading to 25 YottaFLOPS by March 2023 - 2 THz GaAs on Borosilicate with Silicone Oil Immersion)

    They are the world's fastest supercomputers OF ANY KIND and they are ALL running WBE's (Whole Brain Emulation of Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Glucose/Protein/Enzyme, etc production, uptake, attraction, repulsion, gating and pass-through to simulated neural structures) and various linear expert systems on a 24/7/365 uptime that is used for various scientific and medical-centric research and development! And soon that 20 million square feet (1,858,060 square metres) of datacentre space will DOUBLE in size by March 2023!

    Google and Alibaba DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE to our systems!


    We faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar outscale and outclass them by millions of times!


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @StargateSg7 :

      And ?

      1. StargateSg7

        Re: @StargateSg7 :

        Cuz we can and that article irritated us at NCA (North Canadian Aerospace) since their systems are NOWHERE NEAR our Integer, Fixed Point, Floating Point, Boolean State value, Character String, Pixel Bitmap and Vector Image processing horsepower!

        NOT EVEN CLOSE !!!!


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