back to article Meta hedges bets on metaverse silicon with Qualcomm VR deal

Meta’s latest move in the effort to reinvent Second Life, or roll out the metaverse, involves building better VR chips and it's trusting Qualcomm with the job. At the IFA conference in Berlin this week, Meta and Qualcomm penned a multi-year partnership to co-develop custom silicon for next-gen VR platforms. In an interview …

  1. steviebuk Silver badge

    I'm now wondering

    If Meta is one big money laundering scam. We really aren't anywhere near the tech advance for you to want to stick it on your head for the whole day.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    yeah, but that isn't the product they need to build

    The one they need now is one that shows the customer they WANT to by a nicer rig they can comfortably wear all day, because they feel they can't live without it. Even if the batteries only last for an hour. And the existing gear is close to that.

    Then customers will pony up for $$ thousand gear that lets the makers take enough margin to start a hardware race. The problem being that Metaface is trying to install themselves as king and gatekeeper of this new market space. They aren't concerned with interoperability, competition between hardware vendors, or the health of other players in the market, as long as it builds an ecosystem they can inject Facebook technology and culture into.

    That's a poison well, and anybody that drinks from it gets what's coming to them. I'm backing any of the players the shut meta out. Let their story die with the phones and carriers that saved them from bankruptcy, at great cost to the world and it's sanity. Meta/Facebook is just a self perpetuating evil. Starve it out of the market.

  3. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

    This is how The Matrix begins

    First the headset, then the implant, then the pod. If I'm still around then, I plan to go around swapping tubes around. You know, inlets and outlets? See how long it takes the pod people to notice that their food's moving backwards, if they notice.

    1. HamsterNet

      Re: This is how The Matrix begins

      That's just human-centiped but with extra steps...

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: This is how The Matrix begins

        This is how Ready Player One begins.

        Having poked round the Metaverse out of interest this is remarkably similar to the film but in this case Mark Zuckerberg has all the control. It shows a lack of imagination since the film would have come after the Metaverse. So once again the battle for good verses stupid begins..

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