back to article Lenovo’s folding portable ThinkPad grows to 16.3in, adds keyboard

Lenovo has exhibited an updated version of its ThinkPad X1 Fold portable, a device that is a mash-up of a folding-screen tablet and a Windows laptop, with a sleeker, slimmer design sporting Intel's 12th-gen Core processors and Windows 11. ThinkPad X1 Fold portable The original ThinkPad X1 Fold shipped in 2020 with a 13.3in …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    What is the point of releasing a new laptop if the hardware is class lower than M1?

    Sure Intel performance may be similar in certain circumstances - plugged in to charger, good active cooling, but otherwise this is just a waste.

    My advice to Lenovo. Go to the drawing board, maybe talk to Arm and figure out if you could make a similar CPU to M1. That will probably take a couple of years, but at very least you will not be polluting the earth and using up precious resources to build a laptop that is very much pointless.

    1. badflorist Silver badge

      Re: M1

      The M1 is hailed as something it's not by people who don't need power. I don't need power, I need energy conservation so the M1 would be nice for me. If you need power, you're not looking at the M1 (unless there's a forceful reason).

      I can't find it, but someone made a video of their threadripper "laptop". It was basically a desktop with a wall watt power brick that you put on your... lap's top.

      1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

        Re: M1

        M1 has both. It consumes a lot less power while delivering better performance. For instance my M1 laptop smokes my 5950X overclocked desktop. However, it still makes sense to use AMD if you need more RAM, beyond 64GB.

        That being said having such desktop in a room that has no air conditioning is a nightmare. Everything is getting too hot - I presume it will be nice during the winter though.

        Can't wait for Apple to release their workstation. Probably will cost an arm (;-)) and leg, but there will be no alternative.

        1. Snake Silver badge

          Re: "M1 has both"

          You haven't been keeping up; you are, still, believing the initial introduction's selective benchmark results. For almost the past year new discussions have been opened about the M1, with the M1 getting far more mixed results once Apple's selectively-optimized code and apps to get the best benchmark results are taken into account.

          1. frank 3

            Re: "M1 has both"

            In real life, my m2 just widdles all over my i7, performance wise.

            The battery lasts also lasts all day under normal conditions.

            I was very sceptical when I heard the hype, always am about Apple.

            But by god it's an impressive bit of kit.

            By all means snark at Apple for their sealed box non-upgradeable nonsense, alongside their cultish control freakery, but the m2 silicon is truly impressive.

    2. MattPi

      Re: M1

      So you look at this innovative hardware design which surely has enough processing power for many tasks, and get hung up on it not being an M1? Sure, it'd be nice if everything was competing with the M[12] in power and performance, but there's more to computing than that.

      1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

        Re: M1

        In case of Intel it's heat generation and waste of energy. In the current climate crisis Intel should be banned from selling CPUs so inefficient.

        1. EricB123 Bronze badge

          Re: M1

          "In case of Intel it's heat generation and waste of energy. In the current climate crisis Intel should be banned from selling CPUs so inefficient."

          I am beginning to think El Reg forums need a Bozo filter.

  2. Sparkus

    warranty coverage?

    Wondering what Lenovo is doing there to set themselves up vs Apple and Samsung.......

  3. spold



    that the back cover of the system is made from 100 percent recycled woven performance fabric rather than plastic


    Rather than being concerned with bugs you now have to look out for moths as well.

    Magnetically attached swatter?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its the big almost square screen that has me going.

    And potential for a portrait laptop when you want it.

    If it wrapped around the keyboard, then the fold would be much bigger radius so it lasts better than the phone screens

  5. GraXXoR

    As someone who hangs on to older tech, I still want to know the projected longevity. Im. It interested if the screen starts to crack or crease after 12 months and two days of daily use.

    1. ICL1900-G3 Bronze badge

      Agreed, I have an ancient X1 with a 4th gen i7, running Linux. It does everything I could possibly want and it has a great screen. It cost me £200.

  6. Randesigner


    Can it be made to run Linux?

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Linux

      Very likely. Lenovo use Linux for their engineers diagnostics tools.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    that's fugly....

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Battery life is quoted at 4 hours

    which sucks big time, because in real world it'll be more like 2+ hrs. But then, it's price of 'progress', folding screen, folding keyboard, folding power brick...

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