back to article Kubuntu and Lubuntu get desktop upgrades, as optional extras

Kubuntu and Lubuntu desktops have been upgraded but you won't automatically get the new versions. Here's how to get the optional lifts. There's only one official flavor of Ubuntu. The standard desktop is GNOME, and if you pay for optional support, that's the only supported edition. But if you don't care for GNOME – and we …

  1. 3arn0wl Bronze badge

    Slightly off-topic, sorry

    A friend of mine emailed me today to say that he'd seen a tweet suggesting that Unity was making a comeback:

    Ubuntu Unity Remix

    "Good news for all Ubuntu Unity lovers! We're an Ubuntu daily flavor now and our ISOs will now be built daily with all other flavors and uploaded to Ubuntu Unity 22.10 Beta will be our first release as an official recognized flavor (Sep 29). YAY!"

    I don't know how much truth there is to it.

    And I presume they're talking about Unity7 rather than Unity8, though some dev love for Unity8/Lomiri would be much appreciated.

  2. Anthidote

    Thank you very much Liam!

    I was wondering about this Kubuntu business, why I wasn't really getting desktop updates in pace with any development. I tried your recs, and it works like a charm!

    I am thinking of moving to Tumbleweed as my main driver anyway, since KDE support there is nice.

  3. Norman Nescio Silver badge

    Thumb up for the article.

    I share your views on the utility of the LXQt vertical task bar compared to the LXDE one.

    And for a really esoteric point, the X Window System has a problem with struts (_NET_WM_STRUT_ and _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL_). I routinely have two monitors vertically adjacent. If you put a task bar at the bottom of the upper monitor, it obscures content on a window opened spanning the two monitors.

    In certain situations, it would be nice if the window automatically 'split' so that no pixels were obscured by the task bar. Think of it as two windows with coordinated scrolling, so that when a line of pixels scrolled off the bottom of the upper window, it immediately appeared as the top line of the lower window.

    One can set the task bar strut to (auto)hide, but my personal preference is to always have it in view, thus obscuring part of a multi-screen window.

    Providing the behaviour I describe apparently is not possible within the X Windows System: I have no idea if Wayland will allow it.

    My workaround is to put the taskbar vertically on the left, so I' interested in having one that works well, which is why I appreciate the LXDE behaviour.

    Thanks for the article.


  4. Jay 2

    Funnily enough I slapped KDE on one of my Ubuntu VMs last weekend as I was having a few problems trying to get GNOME to work how I wanted. Thankfully KDE did exactly what I wanted by default. I'd completely forgotten about Kubuntu/Lubuntu/etc but its slightly academic for me as I don't think they offer ARM-based versions yet.

    1. botfap

      Xbuntu Variants on Arm

      You are correct that there are no official ISO images for Kubuntu, Lubuntu or the other desktop respins of Ubuntu but that is mainly because ARM platforms dont have a standard way of booting, rendering ISO's as non workable for most ARM platforms. The core system and packages do however have support for both armhf and aarch64 so if you want Kubuntu on ARM, including the latest KDE Plasma, you can install in pretty easily if there is an Ubuntu Server image for your hardware (which almost all ARM systems have)

      Simply flash your Ubuntu server image, add the backports repo and: apt install kubuntu-desktop. I would start with an Armbian spin of Ubuntu Server. Its generally better quality and higher performing than most ARM OEM releases

      KDE works very well on most Rockchip and AMLogic SoC's. Ive run KDE 5.25 with hardware GPU acceleration on on cheap £30 RK TV boxes and it runs fine

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I tried Kbuntu in 22.04 but hated it.

    Kbuntu was unable to get panel widgets to display on the desktop. I highly depend on panel widgets. So I installed Ubuntu 22.04.1. Then installed KDE plasma 5.24.6. Now I am happy. A minor inconvience for some. But when some aspect of your OS and desktop fails to function perfectly. It is more than enough to justify starting over. I like my OS and desktop to work correctly the first time. Additionally I was shocked to find network manager was not installed in Kbuntu.

    So long Kbuntu. Never again.

  6. nautica Bronze badge

    You need to up your game, El Buidro.

    From Distrowatch's rankings, 09/04/2022;

    Ubuntu: #6

    Kubuntu: #24

    Lubuntu: #34

    From The Register, 09/01/2022:

    "Kubuntu and Lubuntu get desktop upgrades, as optional extras"

    "Latest versions of the KDE Plasma and LXQt desktops now available"...

    ...with all of six comments, and relegated to the 77th article (on 5 September; and out of 98), no less.

    Can you say irrelevant [coming at this subject from all directions], boys and girls?

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