back to article HP's consumer PC biz shrinks by a fifth as inflation bites

HP is putting together a recovery plan to counter a sharp slowdown in its PC and printer businesses, including yet another transformation program. For its Q3 ended 31 July, HP reported revenue of $14.664 billion, down 4.1 percent year-on-year - this was significantly lower than the $15.6 billion average that analysts had …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Didn't know HP still sold PCs

    Thought they'd sold off that part of the business years ago. HP used to have a really good reputation forty years ago for quality computer equipment and excellent technical support. Twenty years ago I noticed their technical support had fallen off a cliff and consequently stopped buying their kit for business. Nowadays I get the impression they just want to sell expensive ink to those gullible enough to buy their printers. How the mighty have fallen.

    1. AlanSh

      Re: Didn't know HP still sold PCs

      HP hived off their PC and printer business - but remained as HP. The server and consultancy side was renamed as HP Enterprise (HPE).

      As for slowing down - it would be nice if they had a bit more innovation in the consumer products - they used to but seem to have stagnated.

      1. Peter-Waterman1

        Re: Didn't know HP still sold PCs

        I don't work for HP, don't care about them TBH.

        I am very pleased about HP Support. My personal HP laptop system board blew up about 4 days before the warranty expired. I am genuinely pleased with their response. Call logged after jumping through a few technical questions, have you turned it off and on, etc. Then promptly picked up the laptop, from my home, took it away and replaced the system board. For some reason, they felt the need to wipe all my data and reinstall a new OS. Not sure why they did that TBH, but I got my laptop back a couple of weeks later working well.

        Still, they are wankers for doing the ink thing in their printers, and they are not the company they once were, thats for sure.

  2. f4ff5e1881

    Ditch 'HP Sure View'

    One thing they could do is ditch the dreadful, mind-numbingly-stupid idea that was the 'HP Sure View' laptop screens. They might find their returns rate for laptops eases off somewhat!

  3. CyberDong

    Not unexpected

    I've actually wanted to buy a HP laptop, but they just don't want my money. From dumb decisions like a whole Elitebook (!) range only being available with the basic 250cd/m2 in this country, to sometimes insane pricing like Pavilions being more expensive than Thinkpads, etc etc. They would otherwise be decent, but they always ruin their computers with some mindnumbingly stupid thing, one has to think they're doing it on purpose at this point.

  4. EricB123 Bronze badge

    I want to become am engineer now more than ever!!!

    News stories like this will definitely cause more kids to take up engineering as a career!

  5. GuldenNL

    Why HP?

    Not sure why anyone would be looking at HP for a consumer Laptop/PC.

    Look at Dell’s successful acquisition and continuation of the Alienware brand. HP killed Voodoo under Mark Hurd the Turd. What’s left for a consumer to look to HP for?

    My 10 yr old Asus laptop is still massively fast enough for me to not have a replacement planned for 3-4 years. I run Linux on it, but do have a Windows virtual instance just in case.

  6. Ghostman

    I've already told HP-

    That after the experience with the printer I bought several months ago that I will NEVER buy another HP printer again. Why I had to log in to use my printer, multiple times, while setting it up was not only inconvenient, but also a problem since every time I would be asked to log in, a pop-up with a "secure password" would show up on the screen.

    I also reminded them that I am a computer tech at a big box office supply store and I HAD BEEN a proponent of their Office Jet Pro products. No more. I will advise customers of my experience and direct them to Brother and Epson printers from here on.

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