back to article VMware reckons 20% of server cores can come back to work thanks to vSphere 8 and SmartNICs

VMware has delivered on its promise to brings its flagship vSphere compute virtualization suite to SmartNICs that embed a small computer on a network interface controller and run network-centric workloads there to free servers’ CPUs from scutwork. At the VMware Explore conference in San Francisco this week, VMware will detail …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sounds like an admin/security nightmare

    Sounds like adding massive complexity and security challenges to your VMWare ecosystem for some marginal benefits of some process offload.

    Despite how it’s written, ‘running VMWare on a SmartNIC’ is hugely overstating what it will actually do - some minor process offload and some micro-containerisation is all these smartNIC’s processing engines will be able to do - when they are not NICing.

    Solution to a question no-one is asking.

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