back to article Alibaba Cloud launches RISC-V developer platform for edge SoCs

China's Alibaba has released a development platform to help engineers building high-performance Systems-on-Chip (SoC) silicon based on the RISC-V open architecture, which is claimed to also include an optimized software stack to help speed product rollout. Alibaba Wujian 600 platform Alibaba Wujian 600 platform (click to …

  1. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    Vaporware to Anyone Not Alibaba?

    No iso or flash image of OpenAnolis is available (as needed to run OpenAnolis under Qemu or on the hardware dev board), just some instructions on how to make it run with systemd under Docker.

  2. Bartholomew Bronze badge

    An upgrade to Wujian 100 ?

    At a guess an upgrade to Wujian 100 SoC development platform (which has not been updated on github in a year), where they have replaced the single core XuanTie E902 - a simple 2-stage pipeline, low power consumption, low cost embedded RV32E[M]C RISC-V MCU with a quad core XuanTie C910 - a 12-stage superscalar pipeline, 3-issue and 8-executive deep out-of-order execution architecture with single/double-precision floating-point unit for very high performance server/workstation RV64GC RISC-V CPU. I suspect that Alibaba Cloud has licensed IP from others, in their Wujian 600 chip development platform, for high speed data interfaces (e.g. DDR5 interconnect, PCIe 5.0 interconnect) and that is probably why it will not be (fully) open source. It would be interested to see more information about the specification of the TH1520, and other chips that can be designed using Wujian 600.

    For comparison:

    OpenE902 RV32E[M]C low power embedded micro-controller (IoT) ; 1.55 DMIPS/MHz (O2) ; 2.69 Coremark/MHz (O3) ; Frequency: 150MHz@worse case ; Power ~4 uW/MHz. So ~233 DMIPS and ~0.6 mW @ 150MHz on 1 core.

    OpenC910 RV64GC workstation/server-grade core for data centers HPC RISC-V microprocessors ; 6.0 DMIPS/MHz (O2) ; 7.0 Coremark/MHz (O3) ; Frequency: 2.0 ~ 2.5 GHz ; Power ~200 uW/MHz per core. So ~60,000 DMIPS and ~2W @ 2.5GHz on 4 cores.

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