back to article Huawei dangles developer incentives to sell Harmony OS around the world

Huawei last week unveiled initiatives to encourage developers to work on its Harmony OS – the platform it created after US sanctions denied the Chinese giant access to Google's Android operating system. A series of posts on Huawei's Chinese social media accounts detailed events staged last week to announce incentives to code …

  1. Lordrobot


    As for Harmony.... "Harmony OS – the platform it created after US sanctions denied the Chinese giant access to Google's Android operating system."

    Those were not US SANCTIONS THEY WERE TRUMP SANCTIONS... Apparently to "OWN CHINER" TRUMP cut off GOOGLE ANDROID.... however Trump was unaware that Android was open source other than the bit from which Google makes money... So Google got clipped from the CHINER markets and Huawei the company TRUMP claims to have killed has opened this up to Asian Service providers. NOT GOOGLE. Don't feel sorry for the Muricans they still enjoy the ANDROID with Monopoly Google Services.

    Onto DJI.... Trump made it so Muricans could not invest in DJI, Huawei, or SMIC and tried to do the same with Xiomai who fought back in the US Federal Courts and Won. Basically, this eliminates Muricans from investing in these companies yet the products flow freely through the stream of commerce. So you can own a DJI drone TRUMP TARIFFS and ALL, you just can't own DJI stock and participate in their incredible success. Though Hedge funds are exempt from this rule of course. Only dumb Muricans are singled out for this stupidity. And anyone that flies drones all over the world knows DJI makes the best drones which should really scare the paranoid Jingoists since Chinese Drones are likely to be far more advanced than those used by other military ops worldwide. And you don't need AI to figure that one out for you. Just fly a DJI drone and compare it with anything else in the world.

    Nice to see Countries all over the world using National Security to decouple from the USA. Did you need AI to help you figure this out too? Thanks again to TRUMP Made in Murica paranoia, Somehow the US drew the conclusion that they were soooooo very important to the world of technology that nobody would dare block US technology. Well, they don't. They simply don't buy it. Last month a CHINER air carrier bought $38 Billion in Air Buss narrow bodies snubbing Boeing. That is how it works. The last bit of Propaganda was the US claiming that Huawei dumb switches in some rural cow pasture states like Nebraska were spying on US NUKE SILO. What was the real message here? Dumb Switches aren't sending anything to Beijing, BUT THE US BLOWHARD JUST WANTED TO REMIND THE WORLD OF THE UPPITY that they have nuke silos in Nebraska ready to blast off.

    Apple Suppliers moving to Vietnam... Trump Said VIETNAM was the WORST TRADE OFFENDER and they WERE RIPPING OFF THE USA.... Vietnam is not sanctioned and not surprisingly Chinese Companies not only make products in Vietnam, but they jointly own the factories with Vietnamese businesses. UNLESS THE US SANCTIONS EVERY NATION ON EARTH... other than the UK, Australia of course the "moral three" these clever and UPPITY ASIANS will just keep playing musical countries for the purpose of avoiding TRUMP now BIDEN SANCTIONS AND TARIFFS...

    US needs to DECOUPLE to enjoy the wonderful benefits which BREXIT has brought the UK. MURIEXIT...

  2. Nanashi

    Researchers have found that Chinese DNS resolvers fail two thirds of the time when handling IPv6 address queries. IPv4 queries fail at a rate of one in eight.

    Like I said in the comments to that article, their definition of "fail" included lookups that successfully returned zero addresses. They weren't measuring failing queries, they were mostly measuring how many domains had v4/v6 or not.

  3. sarusa Silver badge


    > Huawei last week unveiled initiatives to encourage developers to work on its Harmony OS – the platform it created

    Yeah, 'created', like China 'created' a space program. China's space program is using the best tech stolen from NASA and ESA over four decades, and Harmony OS is Android forked with a global s/Android/Harmony/g.

    They're excellent manufacturing engineers and doing great things with quantum communications and material science, but terrible at basic research - Xi Jinping Thought does not tolerate creative thinking. And what they're very best at is industrial espionage.

    1. vtcodger Silver badge

      Re: 'created'

      Downvoted because the post is pretty much complete nonsense. The Chinese initially got their rocket (and nuclear) technology from the Russians, not the US and Europe. In point of fact, the US did everything it could to keep space technology from the Chinese. To the extent of putting all US satellites on the US "munitions list" for many decades and thus preventing the use of Chinese launch capacity even for routine platforms that the Chinese knew perfectly well how to build.

      Note that the attempts to keep Western space technology away from China didn't work all that well. Makes one suspect that the current attempts to keep advanced semiconductor fab technology out of Chinese hands might not work all that well either.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 'created'


      the Chinese probably learned how to create a “space programme” by copying the way America created its own. Swiped all the German tech and rocket scientists after the second world war.

    3. iron Silver badge

      Re: 'created'

      > using the best tech stolen from NASA and ESA over four decades

      You mean the best tech stolen from the Nazis scientists that survived the war and ESA.

  4. Philip Storry

    An Alibaba font? Mischief incoming!

    Does it have emojis?

    Because I reckon even if it doesn't, pretty soon a variant will appear that does. Some people are going to want to cram a Taiwanese flag in there ASAP...

    Technically it would be a breach of copyright to do that. But it's fine, because they can't complain about it without acknowledging Taiwan exists, so they'll never complain about it. It's the perfect political crime!

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