back to article Microsoft looks beyond the US with Windows Subsystem for Android

Microsoft has taken a tentative step to expand the Windows Subsystem for Android outside of the US by making the preview available in Japan. It has been an inexplicably long time coming, although there are workarounds for users that simply must have that super special Android app running on their desktop and don't have the …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Embrace, extend and extinguish.

    Nuff said.

    1. cyberdemon Silver badge

      Re: Embrace, extend and extinguish.

      More like

      Embrace, extend, and slurp the data.

  2. vincent himpe


    now we'll have to wipe flappy bird off the machine , next to minesweeper and clippy...

    1. Tromos

      Re: great

      Keep flappy bird. Wipe Windows 11.

    2. Blackjack Silver badge

      Re: great

      And Windows already includes Candy Crush Saga by default.

  3. Lorribot

    Not sure MS market realise 95% of world doesn't get it

    Received a "how do like Windows 11" survey, one of the questions was what i thought of Android on Windows, unfortunately there was no option for Don't get it.

    Thing about Americans is they don't realise they are only 4% of the world's population and yet they thing they are 90%.

    I guess self importance counts for a lot

    1. Falmari Silver badge

      Americans guinea pigs for the rest of the world

      @Lorribot "Received a "how do like Windows 11" survey, one of the questions was what i thought of Android on Windows, unfortunately there was no option for Don't get it."

      It was not asking what you thought, it was asking you to rate your experience using it. Now as you have not used it you have no experience to rate. So the answer is not to give it a rating which is what most people answering the survey would done.

      The question was aimed at only those few that have used Android on Windows. It is a few because Android on Windows is still in preview and is only available to Dev Channel Windows Insiders.

      What you call self importance I see as getting some Americans to be guinea pigs for the rest of the world. :)

      1. Lorribot

        Re: Americans guinea pigs for the rest of the world

        Whilst you are correct from answering the question, you miss the point.

        Why ask a question about something that 95% of your customer base has no access to, without giving them the option of indicating that?

        The questions and answers were framed in such a way that it was assumed you had access to it but chosen not to use it or had experienced it.

        A questionnaire should allow for those who have no access to the feature to answer accordingly or your results would be inaccurate.

        It is a common mistake on surveys where the questions and answers dictate the results without allowing the truth to come through.

        There is a big different between 1% of respondents had tried it and 20% of those that had the feature available had tried it.

    2. navarac Bronze badge

      Re: Not sure MS market realise 95% of world doesn't get it

      Yep, US citizens seem so parochial and naïve . Half of them don't have a passport and don't know the rest of the world exists. Not their fault, I suppose, the US being such a large land mass!

      (Written from the viewpoint of having worked with some nice Americans in the UK, I would add).

  4. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    Sadly this is not a subsystem to run Windows software on Android but the other way round, such a disappointment :(

    Various Windows apps are useful, but last-decade Windows itself sucks.

    1. ThatOne Silver badge

      > run Windows software on Android

      I second that! I'd love the possibility to run some old DOS/Windows games on my tablet!...

      Android games are so greed-focused they aren't much (any) fun, and I need something to kill time while commuting.

      1. fromxyzzy

        There's always dosbox, either compiling your own dosbox-x APK or getting a version from the play store. Or the slightly more complicated route of setting up dosbox and Steam on a computer and using Steam Link on the tablet/phone.

        1. ThatOne Silver badge

          > There's always dosbox, either compiling your own dosbox-x APK

          See, my head exploded... Now I'll have to clean my desk...

      2. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

        I need something to kill time while commuting.

        Switch off, read a book!

        1. ThatOne Silver badge
          Thumb Up

          That's what I usually do. I belong to a generation which still learned to handle those strange assemblies of printed paper. The issue is that books require some concentration and continuity (to keep up), while it's easy to put a game on pause.

  5. phands

    Has Windows ever been less relevant?

    I have WSL on w10 and w11, and I just don't see the point. There's nothing I can't just do with Linux any more, and all serious development is done on Linux these days. Even Azure is dependent on Linux.

    WSA makes me feel the same: what's the point?

    I can do any Android development I want on Linux without the murkiness of a layer of Windoze slowing things down. As it is, I relegate windows to a guest VM hosted on VirtualBox on my Linux box.

    1. Sandtitz Silver badge

      Re: Has Windows ever been less relevant? @phands

      I have WSL on w10 and w11, and I just don't see the point.

      I'm a bit puzzled here. Browsing through your posting history you've stated that you completely gave up on M$ software on 2001, and then you gave up on Windows 10 completely as well, and now you're still using Windows?

      Seems like Windows is still quite relevant even to you.

    2. TastyChimera

      Re: Has Windows ever been less relevant?

      No one cares about Linux. You are a MINUSCULE segment of the PC market. Sorry...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Evangelism is War!

    But now we have M$ essentially evangelising for Linux and Android!!

    I wonder what James Plamondon would make of this (counter-intuitive) development!!

    Link (for anyone who hasn't looked at the DOJ archive since forever):

  7. Tron Silver badge

    I have all the toys I need, so not bothered.

    It would be nice to see distributed versions of software and services rolled out, but they may not be allowed to do that, so they may never happen. Beyond that, I have no real interest in whatever they shovel out as 'new'. I have all the software and processing power I need to do anything I want. If I want to use Android (and I rarely do), I have several Android devices, most of which may still work. Unlike my 3G phone, which worked last month but is now 'Out' (of range). Presumably Vodafone have turned off some of their frequencies, or are blocking some phones. Or maybe the RF bits are broken. It still works fine as a 1Seg TV player and I've switched to a 4G candy bar for telephony. It's not very green implementing a forced global upgrade to nextG when currentG works fine. Imagine the e-waste in that.

    Wake me up when something genuinely new and groundbreaking appears.

  8. TastyChimera

    Come on, Microsoft... Japan before Canada?

    Their head office is like a 2-hour drive from the Canadian border, how can they not be able to work this out, before JAPAN? lol wowza...

  9. Rexogamer

    It's about time

    I'm honestly baffled as to why it's taken this long to roll it out to *one country* - I'd understand taking their time with smaller markets, but it isn't even officially available in Europe!

    1. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: It's about time

      Admittedly, it's not available to the average user in the U.S. either, only those who enrolled in their beta test. Maybe at that point it's not seen as worth much time to expand, but when it's about to get released as a feature in production, they'll expand faster.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One use...

    Grindr. On the desktop.

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. PeterM42

    Sod the games........

    ......I want it to run Aquamail in place of the useless Outlook mail client.

    Anyway, Japan? Japan? What about the UK? We do exist you know.

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