back to article Tech analyst Forrester finds enterprise software is recession-proof

Despite inflation hitting a 40-year high and expected recessions, growth in enterprise software spending is expected to plow on at a steady 12 percent, according to figures from Forrester. While the research might be good news if you work for a software vendor, it's a bit more mixed for IT departments. Using data from …

  1. gobaskof

    Crappy Legend

    Why do green computers and peripherals cost less than blue? Yet green applications cost more then blue ones? What do these things mean?

  2. Binraider Silver badge

    When profit margins of a business are of the order of 5 to 10 percent, and cost of facilities/services/logistics/buildings/energy are up by at least 5 to 10 percent; the fantasy idea of "too important to fail" will be challenged.

    In fact cruddy software that *adds* to business total cost of ownership means that it should be one of the first candidates to go.

    Looking at SAP in particular for that comment. But not the only one.

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