back to article Broadcom challenges Nvidia's Spectrum-4 with 51.2T switch silicon

Broadcom says it has doubled the capacity of its merchant switch silicon with the launch of the 51.2Tbps Tomahawk5 ASIC this week. Broadcom's Tomahawk line targets hyperscale and cloud customers and its latest ASIC promises to deliver a substantial increase in port density while reducing power consumption compared to the …

  1. Kapsalon

    Explain the math please

    "Every two years we've been doubling the bandwidth of the silicon," Pete Del Vecchio, Product Line Manager, told The Register. "Since 2010, we now have an 8x increase as far as the bandwidth

    Speed doubles every 2 years, so 12 years gives 6 doublings, so 2 to the 6th = a 64x speed increase.

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