back to article US bans export of tech used in 3nm chip production on security grounds

The United States is formally banning the export of four technologies tied to semiconductor manufacturing, calling the protection of the items "vital to national security."  Announced Friday [PDF] by the US Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and enacted today, the rule will ban the export of two ultra- …

  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Diamond Processors. At least then we won't feel bad about paying through the nose for them. The matching earrings and accessories may be a problem, however.

  2. Lordrobot

    I hate to bear the bad new... US HAS NO 3nm Chip FAB

    Everyone can play this game.... China should now ban the export of Nuclear Fustion reactors... Ireland can ban the biological potato with a brain. there is no limit to what you can ban in the Harry Potter world of technology fantasy.

    OK let's play along... Pretend the US will have 3 nm fab in 5 years... So with the efforts of modern addition that is 2027 at the earliest. But Samsung says they will pump out 2nm in 2025. So who is going to buy the US 3nm FAB? NOBODY... The largest buyer is banned from buying them. So China will just have to buy Korea's 2nm or build their own. But but but Korea won't sell any of those to China because the US won't let them...I see.. Then why is Samsung going to make them if they can't sell them?

    Oy Vey don't tell me this is Chuck Schumer again...

    I bet the companies that make this stuff are happy to have Chuck destroy their global markets overnight.

    1. gandalfcn Silver badge

      Re: I hate to bear the bad new... US HAS NO 3nm Chip FAB

      Well done, you've upset the xenophobe racists.

      1. gandalfcn Silver badge

        Re: I hate to bear the bad new... US HAS NO 3nm Chip FAB

        And i've upset the xenophobe racists as well.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I hate to bear the bad new... US HAS NO 3nm Chip FAB

      They are not banning export of 3nm product, they are banning tools to enable 3nm product - like the CAD tools, which are indeed American

  3. StargateSg7

    Doesn't affect us as we are FULLY ITAR-free AND use 280 nm wide line traces in our GaAs superchips (over 93x wider!) cuz we need to pump a LOT of electricity through our systems to get to 60 GHz and faster clock speeds plus ALL our tech is fully free and open sourced!

    At 3 nm line traces on a CPU or Memory chip, the heat deformation of the substrate and quantum tunnelling of electron movement must be insane to manage!

    We went completely the opposite by making our chips use much wider line traces (280+ nm on GaAs) and using Borosilicate Glass as the main heat-wicking substrate along with Silicone Oil cooling and microchannel-based under-chip and over-chip liquid supercooling! So long your final computer box is about the size of a University Text Book, no-one cares how large your actual CPU, GPU, DSP or Vector Array chip is anyways. All the final consumer and end-user wants is a CHEAP PRICE and SMALL PORTABLE BOX with lots of System RAM and SSD space plus lots of USB and HDMI/Display Port inputs/outputs on it! They could care less that our actual super-chip is almost 15 cm by 15 cm by 2 cm thick in size!

    3nm is NUTS for chip-making! That is just waaaaaaay too difficult to manufacture and do effective quality control on!


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OK, wow, you Canucks have a great sense of humor! I saw your claims on Reddit some years ago about your new tech. I can only assume you and your company have not taken over the world in the past several years with this amazing new tech because you are peace loving Canucks and don't want to embarrass the rest of us semiconductor designers with your vastly superior tech!! Thanks for that, the rest of us still have to pay the rent...

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