back to article Intel hands over nearly 5,000 patents in deal with IP management outfit

Intel has entered into an agreement with IPValue Management Group that sees nearly 5,000 patents transferred to a newly formed company within the group that will seek to license them to third parties. IPValue, which describes itself as an intellectual property manager, said that the new agreements extend existing licensing …

  1. Strahd Ivarius Silver badge

    Tahoe Research Limited

    Research limited to find new ways to sue organizations and companies for IP infringement using patents that are obvious?

  2. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

    Oh, Cr*p

    I mean, really , oh cr*p.

    That's going to shut down innovation in microprocessors and digital electronics. Intel have a long history, and before they got fat and lazy they spend a sh*tload of cash on research and invented a lot. We are about to find out just how many things which we all thought where "well, dur, how else?" are actually Intel inventions.

    And before you say "25 year lifetime on patents" that's not how it works if you have lots of money and patent lawyers. Filing derivative patents seems to have the effect of prolonging the lifetime of the original patent.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    IP Management Company?

    So this is the new PR branding of Patent Troll?

    I await ransomware gangs rebranding as Wealth Transfer Organizations.

    1. Snowy Silver badge

      Re: IP Management Company?

      Or Data Protection Organizations?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Correction to headline

    Desperate Intel Hires Patent Troll to Shake Down Customers

    Intel is starting to look like a failed company with this kind of strategy. I can just imagine the conversation that lead up to this:

    Pat: "We need more money! Ideas?"

    Intel exec: "Well, we've got lots of patents maybe we can shake down some customers for licenses?"

    Pat: "But that will make us look bad!"

    Intel exec: "OK, let's do a deal with a patent troll and take half of what they can make from them, then it doesn't look like it's us doing it".

    Pat: "Brilliant idea, make it so".

  5. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    Next week's news:

    Intel: "Normally we would cross-license for free using our extensive patent portfolio but this plaintive says they won't settle for anything less than double what they are paying Tahoe Trolls Ltd."

  6. luis river

    Intel Paranoia

    Firts: CEO faulty saga, second: Apple shutdown intel product, third: AMD x86 Tech resurrection and serious menace to Intel, fourth: 3dXpoint great memory fiasco. Intel there is a "demolition" company, but had more things, the enormeus resources today spent by Intel for change present situation show a way: great debt.

  7. DS999 Silver badge

    How to hire a patent troll

    Intel has cross licensing deals with a lot of companies, that protect against those companies suing them but prevent targeting those companies with lawsuits of their own. By transferring some of their patents to a third party, then those patents are not covered by cross licensing agreements and the third party can troll on their behalf and split the proceeds.

    The risk is obvious. What if AMD, TSMC, Apple, Nvidia, etc. that Intel has cross licensing deals with do the same? Suddenly Intel will find itself on the sharp end of a lot of troll lawsuits, when they thought they'd be the one doing the trolling.

    Everyone stands to lose here, except the trolls for hire and their lawyers.

    1. DS999 Silver badge

      Re: How to hire a patent troll

      Thought of another problem. Some companies have publicly promised they wouldn't use their patent portfolio against Linux and other open source stuff. That promise is out the window if their patents are held by a third party who sues on their behalf...

    2. Danny 14

      Re: How to hire a patent troll

      then AMD pay the troll and sue intel directly as the cross licening wont be in effect.

  8. rfrazier

    In another thread, I saw a comment saying that when a tech company turned ("pivoted"?) to IP '"management" that was a good sign that they had lost the plot and were, perhaps, on a long road to failure. I thought the comment interesting. Is this what is being seen here, or is is really just tidying the furniture?

    Best wishes,


  9. Roland6 Silver badge

    Odds on IPValue Management Group taking on SK Hynix for patent infringement?

    >Intel also sold its NAND flash and SSD businesses to South Korea's SK hynix for $9 billion in 2020, although the deal will not be fully complete until 2025, when Intel is due to transfer its IP related to the manufacture and design of NAND flash wafers.

    Lets hope SK Hynix are vetting the patents Intel is intending to hand over to IPVMG...

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