back to article US reveals 'Target' pic of Conti man with $10m reward offer

The US government is putting a face on a claimed member of the infamous Conti ransomware group as part of a $10 million reward for information about five of the gang's crew. The State Department announced the reward via the Rewards for Justice program's Twitter account, saying it is looking for information about cybercriminals …

  1. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    'Target' Spotted!

    "Yeah, man, I seen that dude down on the skid road, drinkin' Colt 45s and smokin' weed! Uh, but it might not be the same 'Target' the gov wants, 'cause the dude I seen uses a different name every time I see him."

  2. chivo243 Silver badge

    Was the pic snapped at a Target store?

    Had to be asked...

  3. Christoph

    With the whole might of the US after him, will he be feeling in-conti-nent?

  4. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    Obviously wrong

    He's not wearing an anorak with the hood up, as all Evil Hackers do. Nor does that photo appear to have been taken in his mom's basement.

  5. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    Unclaimed "Rewards"

    A person having the knowledge the US government is seeking has to weigh the following datapoints:

    (i) members of Conti, who have through illegal means obtained millions of dollars can afford to purchase an assasination contract on any informants out of their petty cash box, and are highly-motivated to do so; and,

    (ii) the US government will insist on recording the informant's personal details in a "secret" database hosted in the cloud and run by the same cockups who left a pile of top-secret-clearance applicants' extremely-detailed personal data in a password-free Amazon S3 storage server.

  6. sniperpaddy

    Send in Jack Ryan

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