back to article Intel, Amazon, and SpaceX asked to tuck into DARPA's Space-BACN

DARPA's attempt to build an internetwork of communications satellites – which operates under the fabulous name Space-BACN – has tapped Intel, SpaceX and others to build kit that will make its planned "Space-Based Adaptive Communications Node" a reality. As The Register detailed when Space-BACN was announced in late 2021, DARPA …

  1. adam 40 Silver badge

    Pigs in Spaaaaaaace!!!

    At last, the muppets were proved right.

    Paris, because she looks like Miss Piggy ---->>>


    1. My other car WAS an IAV Stryker

      Re: Pigs in Spaaaaaaace!!!

      Maybe El Reg got a C&D (cease and desist) from Ms. Hilton.

      They could always use a pic of the "HOLLYWOOD" sign, for the city and its major industries exemplify vapid, mindless entertainment and lack of critical thinking. Paris was only a subset of the muckpit as a whole.

      (I write this rant right after my 10-year-old watches "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" on a free-with-ads streaming channel. Could any other TV show be a better example of Hollywood's exploitation of, well, everything? -- other countries, cultures, kids who don't know better and the parents who babysit via TV and buy them toys as bribes in lieu of attention... I would call myself a bad dad for letting him watch if if I wasn't simultaneously educating him regarding the low production values and profit motivations.)

      Icon ---> let the California wildfiles burn it all down

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "seamless communication between military/government and commercial/civil satellite constellations"

    That also means seamless hacking avenue for miscreants.

    I'm not sure a satellite can be hacked, but I'm pretty sure there's no reason to make it easier.

  4. Reg Reader 1

    I understand that this could be a huge contract, but why would Spacex want to work with other satellite or rocket companies? Spacex seems to be so far ahead they'd have to be careful not to pass companies their information. So, then will DARPA not be getting the best from Spacex?

    1. NeilPost

      I’m surprised Amazon didn’t just buy OneWeb to gain probably 5 years catch-up, for a very low outlay. It took the UK Government and (Bharti) to do this … who have now sold out … to the post Brexit Frenchie’s !

      SpaceX - visibility on competitors and Rocketry economies of scale and continuous improvement on someone else’s dollar.

    2. rg287 Silver badge

      but why would Spacex want to work with other satellite or rocket companies?

      One the one hand - as you say - they are the market leader and have little to gain now.

      But taking a broader view, OneWeb is going to happen eventually and SpaceX will have competition. If OneWeb (and others) are tied into government/military interconnect nodes then this could exclude SpaceX from hypothetical future contracts.

      Looking at fairly recent history, SpaceX will not wish to be the next AOL - a perfectly decent but isolated service. Obviously there are differences - SpaceX aren't creating a walled content environment. They're "just" an ISP.

      But if other services are able to mesh directly with orbital nodes (which may then become orbital IXPs, or relays to nodes in orbit around the Mun or other places) then this is going to give them a performance and capability advantage over a provider who is only doing sat-to-sat comms internally and routing traffic down to a ground station to inter-network. It does them no harm to keep their hand in.

      1. Kapsalon

        Can you explain why OneWeb is going to happen?

        1. NeilPost

          It’s already 2/3 of the way into it’s initial Phaae 1 build out - that are in orbit. Delayed by Russian Rocketry/war issues - SpaceX are launching them now too.

          With the Eutelsat deal things look a lot rosier than when they ran out of money thru Covid.

          Amazon’s Project Kuiper have yet to get a single bird in orbit, and are years away from it.

          1. Kapsalon

            Interesting, let's hope that combining forces and some help from the biggest competitor is actually going to result in actual services being delivered and some competition for Starlink (the biggest competitor).

            1. NeilPost

              Yes. As they are sooooo far behind Amazon Project Kuiper doing a consortium deal/become a OneWeb/Eutelsat partner would seem to have merit as opposed to another few thousand mobile internet Sat’s needing to be slung up, further polluting the night sky in a few years.

              Lessons from Google Loon and Solar Powered Internet Airship’s etc….

  5. mjgardner

    I hope security is baked in better

    “DARPA also sees interoperability and internetworking of private and public assets as enhancing the resilience of military comms – another echo of its reasons for funding early computer networks.”

    Because that’s worked out so well in this era of worms, botnets, ransomware and other malware.

  6. Spherical Cow Silver badge

    Don't be fooled by the cute name.

    Internet in the sky... it is Skynet! Obvious icon is obvious.

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