back to article FTC ponders proper punishment for commercial data 'surveillance' and shoddy security

The US Federal Trade Commission on Thursday announced an effort to formulate privacy rules to deter unwelcome online monitoring and shoddy data security. The trade watchdog invited comments from the public about "commercial surveillance practices" in advance of a planned rule-making push. And the agency's decision to use the …

  1. ChoHag Bronze badge


    The UK act was revised in 2018 but it's a little disengenuous to refer to it in that way in the same breath pointing out that America still doesn't have one. I remember studying the DPA in school in the 90s.

    (Whether it was useful or not is another question; I was in school so study meant mostly reading and memorising the title)

    1. EnviableOne Silver badge

      Re: 2018?

      The original act was the Data Protection Act of 1984

      Followed by the Access to Personal Files Act 1987

      Then the Data Protection Act 1998 based on the EU directive 95/46/EC

      Then the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 based on 2002/58/EC

      Then the DPA 2018 based on the GDPR

      In tandem, the Uk started the information security standardisation by developing BS 7799 which evolved into ISO/IEC 17799 that then became the ISO 27001 that we all love

  2. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Two faces?

    '"Firms now collect personal data on individuals at a massive scale and in a stunning array of contexts," said FTC Chair Lina Khan in a statement.'

    Clicking on the link to said statement yields "Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website" and examining the source of that page shows it contains scripts referring to googletagmanager, facebook and twitter.

    So much for the FTC's interest in privacy protection.

  3. sreynolds Silver badge

    Only one penalty should apply...

    Life inside a glass prison.

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