back to article Ex-CISA chief Krebs calls for US to get serious on security

It's time to reorganize the US government and create a new agency focused solely on on digital risk management services, according to former CISA director Chris Krebs. "And I'm ready to lead that charge," he said, during the Black Hat USA infosec conference's opening keynote on Wednesday. Or, if that's too ambitious for Uncle …

  1. Leedos

    As my OpenBSD #7 shirt says...

    Make crypto, not munitions...

    What good is all that R&D investment building the latest weapons only to have the designs stolen. Public and private sectors really to need to beef up the cyber defenses.

  2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    The problem is

    Too many agencies and turf wars over political power and influence for personal gain.

    Which is why the only solution is to make a single all powerful agency with me in charge of everyone.

  3. ecofeco Silver badge

    I know how to fix this!

    Just put it all in the cloud! All the cool kids are doing it these days! What can go wrong!

  4. ecofeco Silver badge

    The comments section on this article is FUBAR

    I keep getting no page exists errors and cannot edit post once made.

    1. Evil Auditor Silver badge

      Re: The comments section on this article is FUBAR

      Erm, no. It's only that you've been successfully hacked.

      Edit: sorry.

  5. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    I'm not sure I even know who those agencies are

    Keep in mind Department of Homeland Security was Shrub's response to the silos of information pre 9/11.

    21 years on is it still necessary? Did it achieve it's goals?

    And if this new agencie's remit included defending US citizens right to privacy that will need to deal with THE PATRIOT act,, which essentially dumped those.

    There is "edge" ssecurity and there is defense-in-depth.

    This (notional) agency is edge security. Like wearing an airtight suit in a (biological) virus lab. It gets through the suit and into your bloodstream you're done.

    DID is like being vaccinated. The whole organism is protected IE all the companies in the US. That's important becauuse with everything being so interconnected a a low importance/low security system acts as a backdoor into a higher value system, and hence into the ultimate target. You might like to think of it as the "Domino theory" of INFOSEC.

    1. bvj

      Re: I'm not sure I even know who those agencies are

      Well you've covered the complete range of coherency in that post.

  6. bvj

    Name a player that's not kissing up to the WEF

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      The WWF?

  7. EnviableOne

    so basically Krebs wants his old job back and the power of an ICO and NCSC combined

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