back to article Wave of corruption claims crash into China's chip Big Fund

China’s semiconductor investment fund — better known as the Big Fund — has become mired in controversy over the past few weeks as the country’s corruption watchdog continues to sniff out allegations of misconduct. This week, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) has reportedly opened investigations into three …

  1. IceC0ld

    colour me surprised, that people, when presented with almost unlimited amounts of money, cannot keep their hands off the pile ffs

    nothing particularly special or different about this, a story as old as money itself really :o(

    maybe our only real hope is the one we see in most Sci Fi feature films / series, where the citizens all function / work WITHOUT money ?

    it could work, SHOULD work, we used to be a collective society, and we would give of our labour for a share of the bounty as it were

    or, we would arrange to swap goods which we had determined to be of equal value ?

    but who am I kidding, whilst we have billionaires around, they awill never allow such a thing, imagine the problems THEY would have if we could ALL get the same service ?

    starting to get maudlin now ffs, maybe go watch some Star Trek to cheer me up :o)

    1. gandalfcn Silver badge

      Or read some of Bank's Culture novels.

  2. Denarius Silver badge


    really ? What evidence for such a collective nightmare ? Speaking as one who has lived with barely post contact tribal people. Freedom begins with private property. If you mean a sense of community spirit, why would a devoutly winner take all materialist outlook produce anything but theft, corruption and incompetence ? Honesty in such a society simply means not getting caught.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anyone elses that is.

    "History has shown the Chinese president has little public appetite for grift" right. His or other peoples?

    Go against the emperors throne, feel his boot on your next. Get a little to big for your britches? Expect to be taken down a peg. Only those in his favor will be spared his gaze, and only so long as they keep quiet, and keep their heads down.

    Everything he takes away from someone who raises themself to meet his gaze he gives to someone kissing his feet. Look back to ANT, and all the others. These people will disappear from the public view, then crawl back a broken shell, confessing their transgressions and groveling before the state, then spend the rest of their public life very visibly saying nothing of consequence.

    1. gandalfcn Silver badge

      Re: Anyone elses that is.

      Just like with IQ45

      1. gandalfcn Silver badge

        Re: Anyone elses that is.

        I see someone still believes IQ45 is an honest person. Amazing.

  4. lglethal Silver badge

    You've just been given the keys to the biggest, most public project of the Emperor's reign, where he has declared "This money is going to make us a technology Superpower!".

    Do you

    a) Work hard to maximise the value of the product, grow it and make it a massive success, please the Emperor and find yourself on his good side, with all of the promotions you can imagine to follow?


    b) Steal as much as you think you can get away, and risk the wrath of the Emperor when he finds out you've been stealing from his pet project?

    What does it say about those high up in the CCP, when given that choice, they choose option B? Either their Greed knows no bounds, they are stupid beyond belief, or they truly believed Emperor Pooh Bear is not so powerful that he would come after them. It was probably all 3, wasnt it?

    Keep your fingers out of the Pot of The Emperors Pet projects. Maybe that should be the new propoganda slogan at the CCP...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Some of both (a) and (b) probably happened, but for (a) you need to enumerate further -- (a.2) The man with money worked hard, but he really didn't have a clue how to accelerate the technology advancement part. So he invested in lower hanging fruit where the CCP-world was already strong - and may even have managed to turned a profit on that investment money - but never "advanced" the tech as planned.

      The problem for the CCP is not that China is lacking in people with a lot of potential in a wide range, it is that the CCP, whose membership is only 6.85% of the population, is centered around political loyalty (currently to Xi) and nationalistic mind-numbing dogma ["Beijing to build Communist training college in a metaverse", threg].

      The size of the intersection between those with the correct political skills, and those with the needed technical potential might just not be big enough.

      They could address in the coming Party Plenum by dropping Xi, and appointing Tsai Ing-wen, but they probably won't.

  5. Winkypop Silver badge


    In China?

    Pooh, I say, Pooh!

  6. NeilPost Silver badge


    Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI)

    sounds like a sub-division of Viz’s “The Bottom Inspectors”

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