back to article BT demos 4-carrier 5G aggregation – on a live network

BT has tested operating four carrier components (4CC) on a 5G Standalone network, and claimed it is the first in Europe to demonstrate this on a live network. The technology will deliver higher capacity and speed to end user devices when eventually rolled out across the entire mobile network. The UK telco, a former state-owned …

  1. Mike 125

    Whose benefit...

    "but again it would only tell us that "We will see an uplift in both capacity and speeds as a result of this technology.""

    Yea, *you* will. But what about the end user?

    Sounds like a big part of 5G is for the provider's benefit. All this multiplexing going on... DAB anyone?

    Good to see Nokia back in the loop.

    1. Flak

      Re: Whose benefit...

      Higher throughput and efficiency and higher number of devices served can (!) also benefit end users - as anyone will agree who has been in a high density environment with resulting poor data performance.

  2. Headley_Grange Silver badge

    Higher Capacity

    "The technology will deliver higher capacity and speed to end user devices when eventually rolled out across the entire mobile network."

    I'm sure they said similar about 4G, but it it can take minutes to open a Google map up in some parts of central London. Mobile data is like adding lanes to a road; journey times are reduced at first but eventually traffic volume increases until journey times stabilize back to what drivers would put up with before the road was widened. The cynic in me says that 5G will just result in more (ad) data per web page, hi-def movies will become higher-def, music streamers will offer higher-fi, and pretty soon we'll "need" 6G - which is good news, I suppose, for those who sell phones.

  3. Tom Chiverton 1

    So this will be marketed as 6G right ?

  4. Totally not a Cylon

    Finish the rollout first....

    BT should just finish the 5G rollout first and concentrate on getting everyone 500Mb/s both ways before doing 'dumb stuff to jam the network and provide a flimsy reason to steal more frequencies from others'......

    1. Duncan Macdonald

      Re: Finish the rollout first....

      There are still plenty of places in the UK where 5Mbits/sec would be an improvement !!!

      In many rural areas the signal is so poor that even basic texting does not work let alone high speed data.

      If OFCOM was not so firmly in the pockets of the telcos it would insist on them providing at least 99% 3G (or better) coverage of the land area of the UK before they are allowed to raise any prices.

      1. elwe

        Re: Finish the rollout first....

        EE is an irrelevance to me, their nearest presence is over a mile from my house. Vodafone and O2 are the only operators in town. Well not town, hamlet. And if you want reliable performance inside it is Vodafone only. But Vodafone do manage 20Mb indoors.

        1. IGotOut Silver badge

          Re: Finish the rollout first....

          EE by me is nonexistent in the (large) village centre.

          In the huge, empty country park 10 minute walk away, you get a cracking reception

  5. Zenubi

    Tech I want . .

    Is an internet connection without having to pay for a feking phone line and a price that does not increase by 20% each year !!!!

    (I have FTTC - going to change when the contract rolls over)

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Nifty Silver badge

    I guess 4 carriers doesn't mean EE, Three, Vodafone and o2?

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