back to article Qualcomm, GlobalFoundries double down on US chip production

Qualcomm says it is doubling investments in US chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries in a bid to secure additional wafer capacity with government money on the table. The partnership will see Qualcomm set up shop in GF's Malta, New York manufacturing plant. The extended partnership aims to ensure a steady supply of US-based wafer …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    It's quite peculiar that de-facto monopolies get subsidies instead of being broken down and forced to share IP.

    We have become so dependent on technology that we shouldn't be relying on handful of companies for delivering it.

  2. Ashto5

    3 Trillion USA Debt

    If you tally the subsidies given to USA companies it totals the 3 Trillion debt held by the USA and which the public have to pay interest.

    The USA version of capitalism is just pure BS.

    No wonder the USA is in massive decline and China is in ascendancy.

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: 3 Trillion USA Debt

      Agreed, but go look at Evergrand Property and you’ll find plenty of bullshit in China too. It is just at the particularly shitty of a debt bubble there.

  3. oiseau Silver badge

    Shameless bastards

    The line for chip susidies and tax breaks is getting longer by the minute ...

    Of course.

    All of the companies/corporations that have off-shored facilities and jobs for decades now want money to invest in their country.

    Come right in, there's enough loot for all of you.

    You think they would miss out on it?

    Not a chance.

    Shameless bastards.


  4. Lordrobot

    US Nancy Kerrigan Kneecapping Strategy will FAIL

    South Korean manufacturers are the biggest wafer producers, followed closely by Taiwan, China and China.

    Combined, they will account for fully 73 percent of all fab equipment spending in 2022. In 2021 and at present 53% of the global wafer market. This is another instance of the US trying to close the horse in the barn after they have already escaped. And as you may know, China controls 95% of the PV global business. The US is trying to Nancy Kerrigan kneecap everyone they can including Korea, Japan, and of course China.

    What the US fails to understand in its Made in Murica subsidies is that American manufacturing is so costly and so inefficient they have no export markets. This idea of subsidies and trying to kneecap competition will never work. South Korea is not going to allow itself to become the next snivelling Japan. While Japan certainly has interesting technologies, Japan is under the thumb of the US and is being destroyed. Once the world leader in semiconductors, Japan is now off the radar screen due largely to their ally with standing Armies on Japanese soil, the Muricans. These standing Armies have been there since WWII.

    So where is everyone in this grand US NANCY KERRIGAN KNEECAPPING SCHEME?

    1) UK post Brexis is DOA... The entire country is flatlining and they know it. Chinese firms have been buying British Fab in fire sales.

    2) Europe.. Aside from ASML, the landscape is barren. The Dutch Gov continues to slurp to the US destroying ASML China sales. This is at great risk to ASML's long-term survival. It is also disrupting ASML's supply chain. Other than that Europe is vanishing from the Semiconductor markets by allowing the US to control their exports.

    3) Korea. Korea will ultimately do what it best for Korea. They don't want to be the next JAPAN. They are very concerned about the MADE in Murica rhetoric and do not see themselves as being part of that future. Though SAMSUNG sees the US market for smartphones as less competitive if the US continues to push against China phone makers.

    4) China now has 7nm FAB and moving on 95% of the global Semiconductor Market. Already has massive wafer capability and is expanding it. Moving very rapidly across all fronts from raw materials to FAB and production equipment.

    5) Taiwan China, has western coast Wafer plants now... protecting its own interest against the US. The US is a 12% trader with Taiwan. Microscopic next to China Mainland trade. Taiwan is not going to continue to risk long-term issues with the Mainland. ONCE TSCM is of no use to the USA, it is over for Taiwan and they know it.

    6) Greater Asia is China-friendly.

    The largest factor in favor of China is that the US presently has sanctions against 40% of the world population leaving China with a roughly 6.6 Billion person market that will want to buy China's technology unopposed by the US and its Sanction allies.

  5. eldakka Silver badge

    "Just days after we passed my historic, bipartisan CHIPs and Science bill, ...

    What a self-effacing modest person!

  6. Ashto5

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