back to article Intel close to deal for semiconductor plant in Italy

Intel is preparing to close a deal worth at least $5 billion that will see the chip giant build a semiconductor plant in Italy. The move is part of previously unveiled plans by Intel to invest in building capacity up across Europe. The global chipmaker is aiming to sign a deal with the Italian government that will see it …

  1. oiseau

    Shameless bastards

    ... a deal worth at least $5 billion that will see the chip giant build a semiconductor plant in Italy.

    ... build a manufacturing mega-fab at a site in Magdeburg in eastern Germany ...


    All this while the US senate gives them a healthy slice of the 52B they are drawing from the US taxpayers' pockets? ie: the CHIPS and Science Act

    Incrediblly shameless bastards, all of them.


    1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

      Re: Shameless bastards

      Semiconductor industry is extremely gatekeeped and they worked hard over the decades to ensure there is no way that anyone could start competition.

      Now they are milking what they have built and they are able to hold entire nations hostage.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Shameless bastards

        You keep banging-on about some secret gatekeeper'd industry. But that is just bobbins. Any manufacturing industry is only open to people with money. No investment? No play. It's why it's been GAME OVER for the UK, in semiconductors, in any meaningful way, for so many years.

      2. oiseau

        Re: Shameless bastards

        ... they worked hard over the decades to ensure ...

        In the specific case of Intel and similar corporations in the US, the solution to the problem is dead easy: money.

        But not in the form of tax cuts or incentives of any sort.

        It has been shown to be a continuous scam, see the cable/communications industry, the countless billions in incentives it has received in the last decades and consider the result.

        Any critically important/strategic industry that decides it wants/needs/whatever to offshore its factories/activities will be taxed at +50 % over the usual rate on the net yearly profit gained from their off shore manufacturing/commercial activities.

        See if they decide to offshore anything then ... 8^°

        Had this been done long ago, the US (and many other countries in the same situation) would not be in the spot it is in technology wise.

        Some things are far too important to be left in the hands of greedy CEOs and shareholders, who only know one thing: respect for the government's whip's stinging lash to their pockets.

        This is so everywhere, not only in the US.


  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge

    Italian processors

    Just like their clothing - not always practical and expensive...

    Intel fits right in.

  3. Korev Silver badge

    Will they make AMD's Milan chips too?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    From the article

    Intel has been in touch to say: "As we announced in March, Intel and Italy entered into negotiations to enable a state-of-the-art back-end manufacturing facility. The negotiations are ongoing and confidential. We are not ready to provide further detail at this time."

    Can I take it the exact size of the "bung" has not been agreed upon yet?

    All these countries will learn that in a few years time, the "bung" size will need to increase to keep the factories in their country.

  5. adam 40 Silver badge

    ... but not really

    " an advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly plant"

    So - not making the actual wafers. It may as well be putting eggs in boxes then.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: ... but not really

      You can't put wafers directly into your PC or phone.

  6. Lordrobot

    INTEL CEO sucking the marrow out of any Gov Bone it can chew

    It's official, INTEL is now an extension of the Welfare Office. Desperate to not be left behind, INTEL virtually guarantees Itlay will be left behind.

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