back to article Hackable hardware PineBook Pro finally starts shipping again

After a very long delay, Pine64 has once again started shipping its open source devices to hardware and OS hackers. Shenzen is just starting to emerge from its latest lockdown, and perhaps the most hotly anticipated device that the company offers is available to order online… but don't all hammer the order button at once. …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Would be better…

    …to have recommended configurations from Dell HP and so on.

    Then we could buy one.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No Thanks - PINE64 Community Rules and Code of Conduct

    "These rules apply to all official PINE64 platforms and protocols facilitating social interactions, and will be enforced by moderators at all times. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from all PINE64 community platforms. If deemed necessary, a permanent ban can be issued without a prior notice. In extreme circumstances - such as those involving threats or hate speech - the Pine Store reserves the right to deny service to the offending party and notify local or regional authorities."

    So they are going to report me to the authorities for making a politically incorrect statement.

    Go to hell PINE64, this is a lifetime boycott from me...

    1. nautica Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: No Thanks - PINE64 Community Rules and Code of Conduct

      Every time I have almost "pulled the trigger" and ordered a Pine product, some quirk of fate---a posting in a forum, for example, complaining of a 'wart' in a product---has mercifully appeared just in time. The PinePhone and Pinebook Pro are 'victims' which came within a hair's breadth of being ordered.

      Two years ago, or more, I posted a question on a Pine "official platform" asking about a problem I had seen while perusing the Pinebook Pro forums. It (the question) went something like this:

      "Has the Pinebook Pro's problem of not being able to "Resume from Suspend" been fixed?"

      The question was taken down in a matter of hours. I have not been able to post any comment to Pine's "official platform" since, no matter how effusive and compimentary.

      I suppose I was banned, but Pine never had the decency nor common courtesy to tell me that I had been---and certainly not why.

      I keep reading the "Forums" though, and am amazed at the number of comments regarding dis-functional products (what do you expect, when Pine depends on "The Community" to write--and keep updated--the software to make their product actually work); and dis-functional organization (ordering, returns, "where's my product after all these months?") appear there, and get no answer.

      Life's too short.

      Oh, and I almost forgot...

      After all these years, has "Resume from Suspend" ever been fixed on the Pinebook Pro, Pine Micro?

      1. David 132 Silver badge

        Re: No Thanks - PINE64 Community Rules and Code of Conduct

        > After all these years, has "Resume from Suspend" ever been fixed on the Pinebook Pro, Pine Micro?

        Well, from reading some of the comments above, I infer that Pine Micro has worked around that issue, by making the Pinebook Pro permanently woke.

      2. Zarno

        Re: No Thanks - PINE64 Community Rules and Code of Conduct

        Well, I can say, the pinecil has become my every-day-carry soldering iron in my backpack.

        Pairs with a beefy USB-C power pack and just works.

        Fantastically good bit of kit, for what it is.

        I'll keep the rest in mind though...

        1. nautica Silver badge

          Re: No Thanks - PINE64 Community Rules and Code of Conduct

          The Pinecil appears to be one of Pine Microcomputer's success stories; it works very well and has all the requirements to fill a deep need---and do it very well---among those who use this type of tool.

  3. Neil Brown

    Tempted (again) but no...

    I have quite a collection of pine64 products. I use the PineTime watch every day, and it is great for my needs. I use a PinePhone Pro occasionally, but it is more for tinkering than every day use (for me) at this stage. If/when the camera gets support, I'll be even more interested.

    I had a PineBook Pro, but, even knowing its limitations before I bought it, I found it too slow for my needs. I passed it on to someone whose own PBP had suffered a mishap. I love the idea of it, and I want to support pine64's efforts, but I can't see me buying another one at the moment.

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