back to article US mulls more export bans – this time, memory – in war on Chinese chipmakers

Memory vendors Samsung and SK Group could be the latest casualties in America's efforts to derail China’s domestic semiconductor industry. Citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter, Reuters reports the US is weighing measures that would, among other things, limit shipments of US-made chipmaking equipment used to produce …

  1. Aitor 1


    It seems the current US administration wants to go to war. And I don´t mean economic war (already doing that) but actual military war.

    1. Lordrobot

      Re: War

      The US never attacks a nation with nukes. They only attack sheepherders. Powev Electronic Technology Co has its own 128-layer memory. All of the latest screaming out of the US is due to SMIC having achieved 7nm scale blowing down two generations of chip milestones in record time in a humiliating TRUMP BIDEN slap face display. Another TRUMP BIDEN strategy FAILURE...

      In the world of Nancy Kerrigan's Kneecapping strategy... The US feels it wins when it thinks it disables some competitor. But in this case, they missed the knee with the lead pipe and hit themselves in the shin. Ohhh that's gotta hurt. Oh and where are the US 7nm Fab Chips? um.... in Tawian? Correct, the US has yet to achieve the 14nm scale so they can't drag out the old claim of stolen US IP.

      The 4Chips alliance is pointless. Korea won't join it. There is no benefit in "Murica First" for Japan, Korea, or Taiwan. Japan, Korea, and Taiwan's largest trading partner are Mainland China. The US attack on memory chips is because Korea has dozens of companies operating in Mainland China.

      Last week in Korea Janet Yellen was claiming the US has defeated Chinese Dependence on rare earth substrates. The Korean audience thought she was talking about Ice Cream.

      Samsung Electronics' Xi'an factory China,, account for more than 40 percent of its NAND flash memory output, while 45 percent of SK Hynix's total DRAM chip output is produced in Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu Province. Does Biden really think Samsung and SK Hynix is going to shut down NAND memory procusion in the name of MURICA FIRST?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder ...

    Is this a knee jerk reaction from Apple considering the possibility of procuring NAND chips from YMTC.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hope China embargos the USA once they're first to crack AGI :)

    1. Aitor 1


      China would crack months before the US does.

      The US would feel the lack of product in months, China the lack of income the next day.

      This is why embargos are of a few critical components and normally used against smaller countries.

      China overall has no monopoly in anything except maybe up to a point rare earths and affordable good quality electric cars. Electric cars are not key products.

    2. The Viking

      China having first Crack at AGI - lol lol

      Copycats never innovate. OpenAI already has one. They just would not admit it. And they are restricting its use. Being extremely careful.

  4. martinusher Silver badge

    Just think....

    We, the US taxpayer, is funding a Federal government department that does nothing but dream up sanctions and enforce them. They're part of the Treasury Department (and are apparently based in that building). Quite the growth industry, I suspect.

    I suppose its easier to push paper than actually do real work. (Again -- think -- armies of bureaucrats working on (imported) machines, promulgating regulations on (made overseas) printers....this isn't a new phenomenon, either.

    1. Wade Burchette

      Re: Just think....

      These are governmental bureaucracies. Being competent is actually the first disqualification for any government job. As the saying goes, if you put the government in charge of the Sahara desert, in 5 years they will run out of sand.

      No good will come antagonizing China. Especially since so many computer chips are made in Taiwan, a country that the China has repeatedly said belongs to them.

  5. abstract

    China has been naive to rely on agreements with the US. The least we can say, is that China didn't see it coming.

    As always, the US are trying to sabotage everything they can. Still the rest of the world is too passive too.

    We saw with the war in Ukraine that the world despise the West but still they are doing very little to set themselves free. And when we see the record of the West against the rest of the world, one may wonder why those people are still so passive.

    Even Russia and China: why did they passively wait to be under embargo to start thinking about alternatives?

    The US won't let anyone free unless under their control.

  6. PhilipN Silver badge

    Comparing administrations

    Centrally-planned economy vs. headless chicken

    What's the betting China will be able to produce domestically all the technology it needs within 5 years ....... 2 years?

    1. The Viking

      Re: Comparing administrations

      Not in 2 million years!

      Most of the ingredients are foreign IP based. Just like China claiming they lead in 5G. My foot, lead in 5G tech copying yes. And where is their software tech base?. What products?. Windoz copies?.

      There is no way China is going to lead in anything at the rate they are acting (like 14 year old kids). Grow up and go legit. License tech legally and play global trade the way it is supposed to!

  7. vtcodger Silver badge


    It's a little weird y'know. Because it costs a lot to make stuff in the US, there isn't all that much US made stuff that folks overseas want to buy. Then the US turns around and limits/bans export of the stuff that folks do want to buy. Then, the same folks that won't export whine that the US isn't competitive and US manufacturers need massive subsidies in order to compete.

    One suspects that a time traveler or intelligent alien might find this strategy to be a bit baffling once it was explained to them.

  8. EricB123 Bronze badge

    A Strange Thought

    Can you imagine the USA trying to do something like the secrecy scope of the Manhattan Project in modern times?

    1. stiine Silver badge

      Re: A Strange Thought

      Will they be allowed to kill all MBAs? If not, there's no chance it would succeed.

  9. Lordrobot

    Mulling v Old man Muttering... "I oughta...... Get off my Grass Kid!"

    Has anybody on the planet actually spoken to the Biden Administration about any of this lunacy? Does the US GOV do anything other than threaten others? They still think Asians are their slaves...

    It is well known following WWII that there were no such things as Russian or British heroes in the war. ONLY AMERICANS. Once you accept that FACT, then you can fathom the overwhelming authority given to the US by itself for winning the war against Germany and JAPAN. The fact they dumped two nukes on civilian populations should not taint their winning the war for all mankind but especially American Mankind.

    However... when it comes to memory bullying to block that non-compliant lot of 1.45 Billion Chinese Asians, are they aware that.... Samsung Electronics' Xi'an factory China,, account for more than 40 percent of its NAND flash memory output, while 45 percent of SK Hynix's total DRAM chip output is produced in Wuxi, East China's Jiangsu Province. Does Biden really think Samsung and SK Hynix is going to shut down NAND memory productio in their Chinese factories, in the name of MURICA FIRST?

    Apparently, the US Gov thinks that memory is only made in the United States... where EVERYTHING WAS INVENTED... Sound the STOLEN IP SIRENS....

    1. abstract

      Re: Mulling v Old man Muttering... "I oughta...... Get off my Grass Kid!"

      The problem is not that they lie and show-off as soon as they open their mouths. The problem is that it works.

      WWII was a war between Hitlers and their self-destruction was a blessing for the rest of the world.

      All they do is try to manipulate and subdue and it works. Human rights? It is just a tool for manipulation: their voice is always the highest whatever.

      I found a book at a well-known bookseller in France that was openly stating that my people were animals. The book was from mid-fifties. Still the french boast about human rights but the truth is that what freed me was not their human rights bla bla, it is their defeat.

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