back to article Spyware developer charged by Australian Police after 14,500 sales

Australia's federal police (AFP) on Friday charged a man with creating and profiting from spyware that allowed total remote control of victims' computers. The AFP alleges the man wrote the spyware when he was 15 and in the nine years since has sold it to more than 14,500 individuals across 128 countries. The spyware, named …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So Google would be next up in the dock?

    Quote: "...Australia's ... police ... charged a man with creating and profiting from spyware..."

    (1) Google?

    (2) NSO?

    (3) ....and what about the thousands of folk who actually used the software?

  2. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

    He added that the purpose of the clause is to protect client confidentiality.

    What pure, unadulterated, ginormous hairy bollocks!

    The purpose of the clause is well known; make it as hard as possible for InfoSys' drones to leave the hive by contractually denying them the ability to work in similar sectors for (usually) a year. It has no other purpose.

    Salil Parekh is a lying evassive arsehole of the highest order, and should be legally forced to appear before India's labour board and government on penalty of long prison time for contempt of government. No idea if such a concept is possible under Indian law. One can hope. Perhaps complel him to appear before India's highest court, which presumably does carry contempt if ignored.

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