back to article Apple plays the supply-chain card to explain Mac, iPad revenue shrink

On the one hand, Apple Mac and iPad revenues are shrinking and the tech goliath is doing less business in China and Japan. On the other hand, it reported this week a better financial quarter than expected, in some respects, showing some resilience in uncertain times. Sales were up two percent year-on-year to $82.96 billion …

  1. DS999 Silver badge

    They've explained for several quarters now

    That they are allocating parts that are in shortage to iPhone production over iPads and Macs. That makes sense since iPhone is their most important product at nearly 50% of revenue, and is also important for Services income as increases the installed base of iPhones helps future Services income.

    Even buyers who are already iPhone owners figure into this, because the second and third owners of iPhones (via hand-me-downs in a family, trade-ins, or eBay sales etc.) becoming first time iPhone owners are the ones mostly responsible for expanding that installed base.

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge


      Yeah, totally: we've reported as much before.


  2. trevorde Silver badge

    Red flag

    Any company that offers a Mac (laptop/desktop) as an alternative raises an immediate red flag for me. Same as any company with the C-suite using Macs shows they're more interested in image than getting work done.

  3. Korev Silver badge

    “Bank of America is providing iPhones to all of its financial advisers so they can instantly access client information and provide timely wealth management advice from anywhere.

    Although Wealth Management is a problem I‘d love to have, I can see that you‘d like the expensive person to put more thought into something that may cost you zillions than just a half arsed response on their phone…

    1. that one in the corner Silver badge

      But it is advice via an iPhone, that automatically makes it at least two-thirds arsed, doesn't it?

  4. werdsmith Silver badge

    Wealth Management

    I have a friend that I have known since primary school who is now what we used to call a "financial adviser". But his job title is "wealth architect".

    Sorry for off topicness.

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