back to article Meta pours cash into servers and AI as ad revenue falls

Facebook's parent company Meta has spent $7.7 billion on capital expenditure in the last quarter, driven by investments in datacenter infrastructure and AI, as it recorded its first ever revenue decline thanks to falling advertising income. The internet giant reported total revenue for Q2 2022 just completed was $28.8 billion …

  1. fidodogbreath Silver badge

    "One of the main transformations in our business right now is that social feeds are going from being driven primarily by the people and accounts you follow to increasingly also being driven by AI recommending content that you'll find interesting we're turning this whole shit show into a mediocre TikTok rip-off"

    FTFY, Zuck.

  2. Tom Womack

    Oh no, an extra year before fanciest-available datacentre CPUs trickle down through the second-hand market to add to the medium-performance computing facility in my garage.

    On the other hand, an enforced one-year gap on computer acquisition just as electricity bills are tripling is probably not the worst plan.

  3. theExecutive

    Second life

    Seen this before, it failed, for the same reasons.

  4. Lis

    I am sure

    I am not the only one who read the headline as “ Meta pours cash into sewers” am I?

    Then again as is is to do with Facebook… rather apt I think.

  5. elsergiovolador Silver badge

    Mind tricks

    Yes more tracking and mind tricks to make you part with your money.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: Mind tricks

      Yeah but this time, it's determined by computer.

      Just drink the Kool-Aid. Mommy AI knows best.

  6. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

    “operating with increased intensity”

    The smell of fear? - Or is it the sweat...

    Zuckerberg’s executives had to sweat their way through a 122-page slide deck on “operating with increased intensity”

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    With any luck, Meta will someday have all the influence and control that MySpace does nowadays... :)

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