back to article SK Group pledges $22b for US chip, battery manufacturing

South Korean conglomerate SK Group signaled this week it will splurge $22 billion on semiconductor manufacturing, green energy, and bioscience research in the US. The NAND and DRAM power house said $15 billion of the spending will be directed toward semiconductor manufacturing in the form of research and development and the …

  1. Lis Bronze badge

    It's all very well

    bribing a company to operate in which ever country offers the most "economic incentives",(also known as "unfair subsidies" outside of the U.S.) but what happens when they decide to pull out?

    The government is then in deep shit. Do they give into the company and bribe them again, or do they let them fuck off and lose votes?

    Or maybe they just hope it will be someone else's problem when it happens. Preferably a member of the opposition?

    1. confused and dazed

      Re: It's all very well

      Samsung have had a fab in Austin for many, many years. I agree though that the history of semiconductors in the UK has mostly been take the money, and eventually, leave.

      I think the Koreans did it best with their "joint ventures" with the Japanese DRAM guys. LG, who became Hyundai who became SK Hynix did very well our of their partnership with Hitachi IMHO.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Kentucky, Tennessee

    Well, at least it's not Texas again.

    There's a bit of water in those states.

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