back to article US puts $10 million bounty on North Korean cyber-crews

The US is offering up to $10 million for information on members of state-sponsored North Korean threat groups, double the amount that the State Department announced in April. The agency's Rewards for Justice program this week said it will cough up the cash for intelligence related to "government-linked cyber activities" in …

  1. elDog

    Oh, I read this as a 10 billion pound mounty

    Might be quite effective. Need to ask the Canadians to supply this weapon, though.

    (If there is any commissar of acceptability, please feel free to bin this - "cp . ../bin")

  2. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge

    Wouldn't it be nice

    if the rest of the world put up $10 million to catch American state sponsored snooping. Perhaps they could have a collection in Germany, for the sake of Merkel's phone.

  3. Snowy Silver badge

    Kim Jong-un did it

    Where do I claim my $10 million prize?

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Don’t forget ... Without the Ace there is No Royal Flush

    Not mentioning the most vulnerable of critical private infrastructure projects, the fiat dollar and Federal Reserve banking system propping up a crumbling Wall Street of Ponzi 0day trades and rotting Main Street marketplaces, does not save it from sustained outside foreign interest and ever more effective relentless practically autonomous attack.

    And if you think such cannot be fixed, put out a desperate call for/to that and/or those who fix practically anything and virtually everything. Recognising the true problem to be properly fixed has the war won before a battle is even fought.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Don’t forget ... Without the Ace there is No Royal Flush

      In a postmodern quantum communication world, which is where you and IT and AI is most definitely at nowadays and forever going further and deeper forwards, where nothing is as it widely seems and is designedly perceived and advertised to be, and where a this is a that and whenever viewed and accepted together is something else altogether quite different and at other times in other space, also something very different yet again, time after time and space after space, ad infinitum, here is some sound advice for all who would be disagreeable and register an anonymous downvote which adds nothing to anything for anyone.

      To consider it a perl of wisdom would be both helpful and agreeable and appropriately APT here, methinks. :-) Poe's Law Rules and MRDA Reins Reign Right Royally?

      You may benefit from listening for the true intent of those you are communicating with, not the intent you may have assumed they have. This speaks true not just for Bitcoin and psychedelics, but for all topics of discussion. The lack of understanding of a topic is not the same as malevolence. Assume the former even if you suspect the latter and your ability to support others in learning will improve significantly.

      Have a nice trip. ......

      And you aint seen nothing yet of what is hurtling towards y’all out of the ether. Prepare yourselves to be totally surprised and absolutely terrified and thoroughly enraged by what is to be revealed and implausibly denied as ever having happened in the face of mountains of clear unequivocal evidence to the contrary.

  5. MiguelC Silver badge

    Kim won't be shaking in his shoes

    He'll be thinking about how he might deliver some of his minions in exchange for $10 million, and if the reward is per minion or not

  6. Tubz Bronze badge

    Maybe Our Glorious leader Kim should pick a bunch of condemned prisoners, fake the evidence, claim the $10m and buy everybody in the country a Pizza and with the remaining $9.99m he can get a new haircut.

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