back to article Microsoft profits rise again despite knocks from China, Russia

Microsoft reported poorer than expected fourth quarter results, but still managed to end its FY 2022 rather well. In the fourth quarter of its fiscal year – the three months to June 30 – the Microsoft reported taking a $300 million hit from Chinese PC production slowdowns and slugged itself $126 million due to "bad debt …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "It seems money markets are content"

    Money markets are rarely unhappy with multinational behemoths that have billions at the bank.

  2. Lordrobot

    This is the Company Tiny Doll Hands tried to bar from China, along with Android

    Yeah, that worked out really well. Low tech lard^ail knew all. Fortunately for MSFT, they had enough lobby power to stop the lunatic. Unfortunately, Microsoft lost a big contract with the Chinese Military that went Linux. This year with the other clown prince of career Politicians MSFT has to take a hit in Russia.

    The US Gov just can't seem to stop sending low tech fools to the White House that continue to harm American businesses with these crazy boycotts and sanctions. With 70 billion in the Bank, Microsoft could buy its own country or join with Apple. The most harmed company by far has been INTEL. Blocked from selling chips, boycotted by hand-held makers afraid of US sanctions disrupting supply chains and tech embargoes. Why not move to Dubai? Staying in the USA is a recipe for disaster.

    So the Orange genius attempted to block Android. But he was too stupid to know that the backbone is open source. So all this clown did was end up blocking Google Services in effect destroying Google's operational models and access to China markets. What Chapter is that covered in "The Art of the Deal"? Chapter 5, how to blow it! In China, I can still use Google Servies but I have to use a VPN. China doesn't make a fuss over VPNs.

    What Huawei has done is create Harmony and they can fork other Chinese services which are nearly identical to Google but homegrown. Why go through the headache... Google should move to Dubai. Then you don't have to have one of these no-tech political clowns destroying your business plan. Besides then you don't get scalped paying for that garbage insurance known as Obamacare.

  3. loops

    "$51.9 billion"

    That's roughly how much it costs to fully secure Office 365.

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