back to article Teradici re-emerges as 'HP Anyware' to replace ZCentral Remote Boost

HP Inc.'s late 2021 acquisition of Teradici has borne fruit with the creation of a product called HP Anyware that will replace HP's own ZCentral Remote Boost. Teradici's flagship cloud access software (CAS) allows users to remote into PCs hosted on-prem or in the cloud. The acquired company made that possible using a protocol …

  1. LazLong

    Remote data doesn't traverse the network?

    "No data from remote PCs ever traverses a network – remote users see only bitmaps."

    So, pray tell, how does one log in? How does input happen? Are bitmaps not data? All of this is valuable info for an adversary and must be taken into account, and marketing bullshit claiming no data traverses the network is disingenuine. Some may see this as a quibble, but it's not.

    One of Teradici's first markets, if not the first, was classified diskless workstation computing. Not long before the introduction of PCoIP there started a big push in the US Federal govt to move classified clients to diskless solutions. Unfortunately, most widely known solutions were thin clients that weren't suitable for anything beyond simple office computing. Teradici's product aimed to overcome these limitations by providing remote access to workstations, instead of the terminal servers that were in vogue at the time.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Remote data doesn't traverse the network?

      Probably meant that the remote client workstation would end up with copies of the files opened from the hosting session.

      Phrased in the worst possible way of course. Literally was totally wrong as phrased, and for their sake hopefully lost in translation. At the end of the day, the account still has access to whatever it has access to, so the distinction doesn't mean much other than the user, who was trusted to access the information in the first place, won't have to shred the temp files/trash can manually to address the risk of someone else getting hold of them after they disconnect.

      Still may help them cut down on the number of pack rats that take copies home and then forget about them. Still a big problem, even amongst those who are supposed to know better.

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