back to article Aviation body wants views on rocket plans of Virgin Orbit

The UK's Civilian Aviation Authority has launched a public consultation on the environmental effects of the plans of Virgin Orbit at a base on the southwest coast of England. At present, Virgin Orbit seems set to win the race for first launch from UK soil (or rather, the airspace west of Cornwall, since the LauncherOne two- …

  1. Danny 2


    Remember that headline from a few days ago? Hottest day ever, all that guff. Summer of '76 and I'd lie in the garden and once an hour a plane would fly overhead, a novelty. You'd look up. Now, once every hour there isn't a plane overhead. You have to wear noise-cancelling earphones

    I blame the Greens, and the XRs. They now what they are doing. They all fly abroad to see the world before it is destroyed - well, stop destroying it!

    Eff off with your space flights. Robots with a useful mission or go to hell. Ban all luxury space flights, and then ban nearly all flights.

    Big Oil v The World - iPlayer

    1. JDPower666


      Nurse, he's out of bed again.

    2. Flocke Kroes Silver badge


      Virgin Galactic sold 700 rocket joyrides and has taken one customer to space. They continue to sell tickets but it has been over a year since their last flight and they might fly again next year. There are promises of regular flights eventually but very little supporting evidence.

      Virgin Orbit is a completely different company that has put satellites in orbit twice but is too small to take a live human to orbit and back. This article is about Virgin Orbit.

      Every time Virgin Orbit achieves something constructive a bunch of idiots invest in Virgin Galactic and Branson sells some more of his Galactic shares. He is now down to under 12%. Galactic has sold enough shares to buy two new carrier aircraft. My personal bet is that the bankrupt shell of Galactic will sell them for a pittance - to Virgin Orbit or Vox Space.

  2. druck Silver badge

    Cornwall Spaceport

    We stayed just behind New Quay airport last year, and dropped in to the Spaceport on the way home. Worth a quick visit if your are in the area.

    1. ICL1900-G3

      Re: Cornwall Spaceport

      Newquay, please! Not New Quay.

  3. Oglethorpe

    Marine licence?

    That seems like a rather dour appraisal of Virgin's ability to fly safely.

    1. elsergiovolador Silver badge

      Re: Marine licence?

      How would you know if they took you to space? They could as well deep dive into the Atlantic, fill the cabin with water and say look it's zero G.

      Then you say: but it's all wet!

      To which Virgin will reply: our crew got very very very excited!

      1. Oglethorpe

        Re: Marine licence?

        I hate it when this happens with my space tourism provider.

        1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

          Re: Marine licence?

          Fry: How many atmospheres can this ship withstand?

          Farnsworth: Well it's a spaceship, so I'd say anywhere between zero and one.

  4. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

    Freakin Limeys

    First they drive on the wrong side of the road, then they cut their meat with the knife in the wrong hand, now they're launching their rockets in the wrong direction!

    1. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: Freakin Limeys

      I guess that's why only two launches per year, because there is not much call for retrograde inclinations, one exception being the sun-synchronous orbits.

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